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i am looking for diesel thavar 75G in 31wx32L or 31wx30L or 31wx31L going with the same size as thavar 886b.   i live in vancouver, canada so how do i get them?
also the leather patch..the long thin one next to it. mine doesnt have that.
OMFG those jakes are the best jakes ive ever seen.   how do i order from the dior homme store in NY?
are u serious? if a star is seen with those jeans the price goes up? fuck off...its indeed a great wash with really light colors.
31x32 thavar...dammit thats my size. how much did u pay for them? apparently there are NONE in vancouver, canada :(
umm are those silver selvage?  cuz i see the white line on top of the coin pocket.   cuz i have a pair of mine 19cm raw diors and they do not have that white line.
Waist: Front Rise: Back Rise: Upper Thigh: Knee width (down from the crotch): Leg Opening:     i need those measurements to be sure as i do not have a measuring tape myself. if somebody could fill those out for thavar sz 31. i would be greatly appreciated.
any place in vancouver might have that exclusive thavar 75g wash?
oh my god.!!! too bad its only avaliable in the milano store italy.   dammit!   i really want those thavar 75G. soo beautiful.
how do u reduce the hanging knee bags. i find it really annoying and un aesthetic. its ruining the overall look.   im using my mij 19cm raws for like 3 weeks now. been using it pretty much everyday and using it as "pants chill" kinda thing when im at home too so i tend to sit alot.
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