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when i saw pics, thats how my fit is like except i work out, so im telling myself this fit is fine unless u happen to be very skinny then i understand why u want it skinnier.
damn that style is wicked, what verison of those clawmarks? blue waxed?
gorgeous ink me, im looking for a 19cm cut MII 30".
hmm. i suppose i should get that 32. since i rock thavar in 31.   and urs look really good actually. and its so cheap too.
    damn, so that means since my thavar 886B i fit 31 perfectly, but a size loose on the waist, thats about it tho. im sz 32 in 19cm and 17.5cm dior cuts? ( i have big legs since i work out 4 times a week)   then i might be thinking of getting those pairs...anybody got a screenshot of that jeans in wearing? because i know yoox makes the worst pictures, looks nothing close to that in person...
ah nvm, that 19cm cut is better for sure. more bluer contrast.
  well do u have pics of the 19cm wash u had?   i like that jake because its more detailed. but u could say, different tastes varies for different people. u probably prefer urs a bit more subtle. or that it must be the 19cm had a better color tone.   which i get it cuz those jakes are a bit more brown-ish.
LOL no. any skinner is gay.   his fit is perfectly fine for his leg size.   please do not listen to this guy.
i am looking for diesel thavar 75G in 31wx32L or 31wx30L or 31wx31L going with the same size as thavar 886b.   i live in vancouver, canada so how do i get them?
also the leather patch..the long thin one next to it. mine doesnt have that.
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