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I have a question, what type of diesel jeans is similiar in dior 17.5 cut?
gotta be 31 since i prefer the slim fit look, i tried 30. its too tight. 31 is on point.
i want to order 2 dior items from that site which is unavaliable at the others ive looked..   honestly i cant read korean but i tried finding a translating website coding for it, no luck   so how the heck am i suppose to order from that site????
i am looking for a pair of s/s 11 or 12. jake's 17.5  or ink me or UMC in sz 31.   can somebody help me out? ive been looking, having trouble locating one thats avaliable.  
why is it on the LVR fitting pics, the 19cm looks way bigger? which its not? the 19cm has tapering which sucks for people who work out alot. 17.5cm one size up is by far the best fit for people with larger legs.   and is this true? i heard all the jake's are actually one size bigger than the rest of the dior washes?
wtf, how do u get an english translated verison for WiberLUX? cuz theres a pair of dior jeans i want to get. i tried lookng for english translation...apparently there isnt any or im not looking at the right place.
actually they fit fine just at the waist was an inch too large and getting it hemmed but only like 2 inches so i can still have the stackings. just prefer it less extreme.
i just wanna know one thing   i bought jakes under my car. but its a size too big i think. but i got large quads + calves due to working out tons ....anyways im having the waist cut to 1" and hemmed like 3-4" inches.   but then after that i'd like to ...find a way how to PERMANENTLY shrink it in, any way, even its only .5" inches overall, how do i do that? hot dryer for 60mins? btw its 98% cotton and 2% ELASTODIENE
stop being disrespectful. u whine too much.   as for the jeans question, i honestly have no clue so ur best best would be call a very good tailoring place and ask them those questions.
those look real nice but can u please post a pic of urself in full front shot / back so we can tell how good the wash/fit is.
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