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Hey dude, I'm not a big fan of grey jeans but the only one I would consider getting is Thavar 886b.
@ Pryv75: Oui, j'ai pas trop compris ce que c'était ce Thavar... J'ai acheté le 810x à Toulouse ;)
I got them 2 weeks ago but for 260 euros, huts my bank account. I don't understand why there's no cool blue washes in slim cuts so far...
Home of the Clippers now lol My latest purchase is a car after my latest car crash, so no jeans for me unless I sell some first.
Where are you in the US? I'd switch places any time even if you're in Detroit haha.
We have the same problem mattias: getting our hands on our size for the 8x2 =/
Thavar sera plus prêt du corps, c'est du slim/skinny. Du coup je pense que tu devrais rester avec ta taille pour voir et au pire tu pourras changer. Je t'aurais bien vendu le mien mais on fait pas la même taille parce que j'ai regardé vite fait sur le net et tu vas le payer au prix fort je pense.
Salut, je vois que t'es français, le Thavar 8x2 est pour moi un des meilleurs délavages de tous les temps, j'hésiterai pas une seconde. Je vends le miens d'ailleurs pare qu'il est trop grand pour en prendre un autre à la bonne taille. Quelle taille il te faut?
If one day you want to see an El clasico I could try to help you but it is really hard to get them, i stayed 5 hours in front of my computer to get them lol. You're German right? You should root for Bayern Munchen, they got Pep Guardiola the other day. In France we only have Paris with their Qatar money but they make us pay the same prices as Barcelona but the level isn't there yet...
Thanks Lee, I think people don't give them much love around here but they come in handy during sumer, especially in the south of France. I'll send you the pics you wanted in private sometime next week ;)
New Posts  All Forums: