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Paris is the future my friend, they want to sign Ronaldo, imagine Ronaldo and Ibrahimovic together, all they need is Balotelli next haha.
I zoomed in to see your pictures and they do look a bit large at the knees but maybe that's just me, I like tight jeans. What makes you not want to keep them?
Phukette just summed it up. I think Levis aren't as nice in terms of wash and fitting.
But what's the preference? I mean the quality is the same, and I saw that the jeans can by made at 99% in China but just because it ended up in Italy for just a small detail at the end then they can put  "Made in Italy" which is completely wrong after all.
I don't understand why everyone one want MII jeans, it doesn't mean anything IMO... I have some form Tunisia and from Itay and the quality is the same.
Hey dude, I'm not a big fan of grey jeans but the only one I would consider getting is Thavar 886b.
@ Pryv75: Oui, j'ai pas trop compris ce que c'était ce Thavar... J'ai acheté le 810x à Toulouse ;)
I got them 2 weeks ago but for 260 euros, huts my bank account. I don't understand why there's no cool blue washes in slim cuts so far...
Home of the Clippers now lol My latest purchase is a car after my latest car crash, so no jeans for me unless I sell some first.
Where are you in the US? I'd switch places any time even if you're in Detroit haha.
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