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I used to wash my jeans because I tought it was a normal thing to do until I joined this forum. I realized indeed that when  you wash your jeans it takes off the dirtyness, the 3D effects, the softness, everything. So I don't wah my new pairs but I think it's dirty not to wash them so I'm torn between having my jeans clean and destroying them or keeping them dirty and saving their quality. My friends laugh at me when they hear that I pay big money for jeans I can't...
Lavoisier, you just made my day!!
Dieselolic, you could dress like a homless person and you'd still look damn good, I hate you!! I'm lucky to be slim and find jeans that fit me but then it's so hard to find tops that fit me, anytime i want to buy one there's no XS or S left. I need to grow some damn muscles but I'm lazy 
Paris is the future my friend, they want to sign Ronaldo, imagine Ronaldo and Ibrahimovic together, all they need is Balotelli next haha.
I zoomed in to see your pictures and they do look a bit large at the knees but maybe that's just me, I like tight jeans. What makes you not want to keep them?
Phukette just summed it up. I think Levis aren't as nice in terms of wash and fitting.
But what's the preference? I mean the quality is the same, and I saw that the jeans can by made at 99% in China but just because it ended up in Italy for just a small detail at the end then they can put  "Made in Italy" which is completely wrong after all.
I don't understand why everyone one want MII jeans, it doesn't mean anything IMO... I have some form Tunisia and from Itay and the quality is the same.
Hey dude, I'm not a big fan of grey jeans but the only one I would consider getting is Thavar 886b.
@ Pryv75: Oui, j'ai pas trop compris ce que c'était ce Thavar... J'ai acheté le 810x à Toulouse ;)
New Posts  All Forums: