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Can"t wait to see fit pics Phukette.   My latest purchases: Ralph Lauren Denim jacket, Atelier voisin Paris boots (they are fantastic IMO), a pair of chinos (I know people don't like them here but I need some for summer) and a Commune de Paris 1871 knitwear: pics coming up this evenig!!
Goonz: I wear my thavar 8x2 with my Cassidy boots and I get a lot of nice comments in the street or people in shops asking where I got them along with my jeans. Don't hesitate and go by your feeling, you're the one whon need to be comfortable with what you wear.
Toranji: The 809v wash is really nice but I don't like Darron, not a slim cut so it looks weird on me as I'm slim. But for those who wear Darron it's THE wash of the collection for me.   Lavoisier: I tried on 807c and I thought it looked 10 times nicer hanging up with their lights to make it cool than worn. It was just a plain grey wash. That's why I got 810x, way nicer to be honest. I see some people are wondering it's true colour, well there you...
Oops, I had 812w in mind... I think it's sweet but hard to wear No, didn't notice 811p, sorry dude
Oh yeah, I really like it as it's original but not sure about pulling the trigger, you have to be brave to wear it =P I couldn't take pictures, the people working there are on top of you the whole time, you fell like punching them.
British humour (lack of class)... Just not my thing I guess.   Anyways, I went to the Diesel store today and saw all the new washes and it's official, the 810x and 809v are the only cool washes. I tried on the 809v but it sucks sonce it's darron... I saw 807v and I don't think it's special, it's grey... But if you like grey washes (as you all know now, I don't) then it is a nice grey wash but just not my kind of jeans.
How much are you putting on the table... for the girlfriend?   If she sees this I'm single again.
At least I'm not the only one    I'm more of a blue wash guy indeed but I sometimes like grey/black washes and end up buying them and after a while realize that they aren't wild enough: A) the money I'm paying for them makes me want a crazy wash and B) I think grey/black washes are more dressed up jeans and at 21 I'm a still young enough to rock on crazy blue washes.   So I'm torn between selling the thavar 810x and telling myself I'm an idiot for buying them in...
Salut, j'ai un thanaz 660q et surtout un thanaz 810x à te vendre si tu veux. Le thanaz 810x est de la collection printemps-été 2013, je l'ai eu en avant première mais je le revends parce qu'il est trop petit. Les deux sont en 27x32.
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