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British humour (lack of class)... Just not my thing I guess.   Anyways, I went to the Diesel store today and saw all the new washes and it's official, the 810x and 809v are the only cool washes. I tried on the 809v but it sucks sonce it's darron... I saw 807v and I don't think it's special, it's grey... But if you like grey washes (as you all know now, I don't) then it is a nice grey wash but just not my kind of jeans.
How much are you putting on the table... for the girlfriend?   If she sees this I'm single again.
At least I'm not the only one    I'm more of a blue wash guy indeed but I sometimes like grey/black washes and end up buying them and after a while realize that they aren't wild enough: A) the money I'm paying for them makes me want a crazy wash and B) I think grey/black washes are more dressed up jeans and at 21 I'm a still young enough to rock on crazy blue washes.   So I'm torn between selling the thavar 810x and telling myself I'm an idiot for buying them in...
Salut, j'ai un thanaz 660q et surtout un thanaz 810x à te vendre si tu veux. Le thanaz 810x est de la collection printemps-été 2013, je l'ai eu en avant première mais je le revends parce qu'il est trop petit. Les deux sont en 27x32.
Am I the only one to regret buying a pair at 260 euros 2 weekes later? I have the Thavar 810x and I like it but realize that I'm just not a grey/black jeans lover and should stick with dirty blue washes like 880w, 8x2, 888p.  I think I'm oing to sell my Thanaz just 2 weeks after buying it --'
I like the short jogg jeans, must try them out. Well I won't be buying much from this season, I'm going to hunt for older washes, this year has nothing special.
I used to wash my jeans because I tought it was a normal thing to do until I joined this forum. I realized indeed that when  you wash your jeans it takes off the dirtyness, the 3D effects, the softness, everything. So I don't wah my new pairs but I think it's dirty not to wash them so I'm torn between having my jeans clean and destroying them or keeping them dirty and saving their quality. My friends laugh at me when they hear that I pay big money for jeans I can't...
Lavoisier, you just made my day!!
Dieselolic, you could dress like a homless person and you'd still look damn good, I hate you!! I'm lucky to be slim and find jeans that fit me but then it's so hard to find tops that fit me, anytime i want to buy one there's no XS or S left. I need to grow some damn muscles but I'm lazy 
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