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I have the new Thavar 810x in 27x32 and bought them for 260 euros new 3 weeks ago. If you have any questions do not hesitate.
I've never sold on ebay but if I sell a pair 240 euros how much do they take off me in fees?
Thavar 810L are nice and "cheap", easy to wear and look like my Safado 8u9. I mean there's nothing special with them but they're nice.
I got them for 150 euros instead of 260 euros.
Here are my latest purchases:   Atelier Voisin Paris shoes     Commune de Paris 1871 knitwear and Knowledge Cotton Apparel Bonnet      
Can"t wait to see fit pics Phukette.   My latest purchases: Ralph Lauren Denim jacket, Atelier voisin Paris boots (they are fantastic IMO), a pair of chinos (I know people don't like them here but I need some for summer) and a Commune de Paris 1871 knitwear: pics coming up this evenig!!
Goonz: I wear my thavar 8x2 with my Cassidy boots and I get a lot of nice comments in the street or people in shops asking where I got them along with my jeans. Don't hesitate and go by your feeling, you're the one whon need to be comfortable with what you wear.
Toranji: The 809v wash is really nice but I don't like Darron, not a slim cut so it looks weird on me as I'm slim. But for those who wear Darron it's THE wash of the collection for me.   Lavoisier: I tried on 807c and I thought it looked 10 times nicer hanging up with their lights to make it cool than worn. It was just a plain grey wash. That's why I got 810x, way nicer to be honest. I see some people are wondering it's true colour, well there you...
Oops, I had 812w in mind... I think it's sweet but hard to wear No, didn't notice 811p, sorry dude
Oh yeah, I really like it as it's original but not sure about pulling the trigger, you have to be brave to wear it =P I couldn't take pictures, the people working there are on top of you the whole time, you fell like punching them.
New Posts  All Forums: