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I just looked the up, they are sweet, I'm looking for exactly those kind of jeans but not sure what one to get. I saw there were nice Tepphars as well like 887v and others but I'm scared to get a bad pair because they seem to change a lot.
Karacho, I'm looking for a wash like yours, maybe the shioner 806n. I went through London to get a light dirty pair but no small sizes... Could you upload more pics of your 886P when you have time?
I guess we can't judge but my main concern is the price of the jeans. All my friends think I'm a crazy mother fucker for going over 150 euros to get nice jeans, they think I'm a masochist when I buy them for 240 euros but the more we're moving forward the more the prices are climbing and nowadays you don't really buy the quality but the name. And with Lady gaga's stylist coming Diesel can decide to sell jeans for much more now. 
Congratulations Phukette, probably hungover right now haha. I don't stay with girls because I know I can't just stay with one girl and not want to go at the others during parties 
I think they fit perfectly but it depends on how you like them. If you're young iI think they look better tight and when you're over 35 (I'm gonna get hated on but too me you're old if you're over 35 guys) I think it's better to have them a bit loose. Only my opinion.
Bored in London, hard to believe I know but I'm alone hehe. Wearing my Shioner 880w with suede Frank Wright Shoes. My camera's quality is bad.  
I have the same impression with my 8x2, they look awsome when the sun is out or at night with cool lights.   But I'm in frustration mode as I noticed that my perfect size would be between 27 and 28. When I wear w28 it seems that after a wile they stretch and are too lose on me but when I wear w27 they fit perfectly but are way to uncomfortable and hurt me at the end of the day. It's sstarting to piss me off guys!!
I tought about that as well... I'm not an expert with paypal and ebay disputes, but who would be protected if he does show a fake pair he allready had before getting your pair but you claim it's not the pair you sent him? 
Thanks Phukette for the advice, will go there when I can.
Don't worry Baltimore, the guy has no chance winning the case, he's just talking bullshit and chancing it. My grand father and my father are lawyer 118i, it would be a bit exaggerated since it would cost you more than the jeans. It's like trying to avoid a speed ticket of 90 euros by paying 300 euros to go to court... but people do it in France because they lose points on their drivers licence and when you lose 12 you're done. I've only 5 points left so I better be...
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