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Hey Lee, I went to House of Frazer and saw the jeans. Tried a w28 and looked nice but I have 8880m and need to sell them because they look alike. They only have one w29 and it's the one hanging on the wall.
FUCK: Those are like the nicest I've seen here. I want to get a pair but I have 8x2 and wonder if I really need it. I know 8x2 isn't quite the same but there's enough ressemblance for me to wonder if I really need them.
Lee, do you fancy going to see if they still have our sizes?
Haha, but does it not look like a 8880m?
Haha, we'll see who gets there first.
levislad, I might go and check them out if that's true, I'm looking for a nice pair like that.
I saw a Thavar 888P for an interesting price but it's L34 and I wear L32 or even L34. People say that with Thavar 888p the lenght is shorter than for other airs, is it true? I once owned a pair in L34 and they were too long so I don't know if I should get them.
Yeah I know that but I tried a few safados and they look okay on me. I'm going to look at 887v and 806n in priority.   PHUKETTE: you're a top model mate, did you know you were on this? Haha: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Diesel-By-Xisco/334073473276689
Those are sweet, I'm going to root for a pair now and see what I get!!
You're going to get all sorts of replies but to mee nothing top Diesel in the way they fit people. I used to wear G star as a teeneager and after a year they would rip and stretch. Nudie I don't like them, too plain in my opinion but I know a few like them here. Replay Jeans are cool and so are Scotch and Soda.
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