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Don't forget me, i'm half irish, a mullingar lad ;)
Je vois pas comment c'est possible, ils peuvent pas vendre à perte.
WTF? I got them in a french diesel store for 260 euros and was told they were from the latest collection...
Well here i am wearing my thavar 8x2 with my new diesel rangers/boots from the fall/winter 2012 collection. I also bought a nice jumper and will post pics of it with my jeans and shoes. In all honnesty the pictures don't make the outfit as good as it is.   Thavar 8x2 Diesel belt Diesel rangers/boots/shoes  
So, i went to the Toulouse Diesel store, it's in France for those who don't know, and wanted to make the most of the sales. The thnig is... everything i liked wasn't on sale but from the new collection coming in. So i ended up getting a pair of rangers that go really well with my thavar 8x2 and also bought a nice jumper. Fit pics coming up in a few minutes!! I was looking for the thavar 801D in pink but they don't have it yet. I really like the new fanker, i forget the...
As a diesel fan i'd go for the diesel but judging by the pictures i saw i like the sodium cigarettes one ;)
Thavar 8x2 is a clasic you have to have if you love jeans!!
Hey, i just checked what you said on ssense.com and indeed the one in the picture is the thavar 8880m. I own a pair and i'm sure this is the one in the picture. It's a 50/50. They either got the name of the jeans wrong or the picture wrong. The good news, i think, is that it's price seems to be more the one of the thavar 8880m rather then the thavar 880m. And when you click on the item you get different pictures of the jeans and it's always the same one. If you don't get...
I'm selling those pants just because they are way too big for me. They are one of the first pairs i purchased and i didn't know my size yet. I purchased those jeans for 210 euros at the time and i'm selling them because i need to sell fast since i don't wear this pair. If you have any questions or requests don't hesitate to contact me.
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