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Two months since my last purchase, needless to say the urge of getting a new pair is becoming unbearable. I'm actually thinking of selling my thavar 28x32 thavar 8x2 to get a size 27 since it stretched too much for me IMO. Any idea of where i could buy the thavar 8x2?  I think i need 3-5 pairs to feel my collection is complete. 
Haha, i saw them at the beginning of the thread and they looked nice with the press photos so i guess it's just one of those fake pictures to make us want to buy it. I need a greyish pair but have no idea what to get!!
What about the braddom 660r? I saw everybody was getting excited with that wash, has anybody bought it? I'm looking for a dark wash and was wondering if i will buy it but in some pictures it doesn't look as good...
Ok, so i'm on frustration mode, i'm wearing my jeans in 28x32 but wonder if i shouldn't size down in 27x32 for them to fit perfectly. I want to buy a pair for winter, i have shioner 880w but was thinking of selling it to get an other pair. So, this is when i'm asking for your help, could you guys tell me your top 5 washes in Diesel and maybe advice me in what pair that looks like shioner 880w i could get? Thanks for those who will help me!!
I noticed the thavar 8880m stretches a bit after a few days of wear but it's nothing dramatic. What i do is iron it after a few days to give back it's tightness and it works for me ;)
Don't forget me, i'm half irish, a mullingar lad ;)
Je vois pas comment c'est possible, ils peuvent pas vendre à perte.
WTF? I got them in a french diesel store for 260 euros and was told they were from the latest collection...
Well here i am wearing my thavar 8x2 with my new diesel rangers/boots from the fall/winter 2012 collection. I also bought a nice jumper and will post pics of it with my jeans and shoes. In all honnesty the pictures don't make the outfit as good as it is.   Thavar 8x2 Diesel belt Diesel rangers/boots/shoes  
So, i went to the Toulouse Diesel store, it's in France for those who don't know, and wanted to make the most of the sales. The thnig is... everything i liked wasn't on sale but from the new collection coming in. So i ended up getting a pair of rangers that go really well with my thavar 8x2 and also bought a nice jumper. Fit pics coming up in a few minutes!! I was looking for the thavar 801D in pink but they don't have it yet. I really like the new fanker, i forget the...
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