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Thanks phukette, i'll take a look at it. I do need a black wash so i will be watching out for them. Was thinking of getting tepphar 887v but can't find a size 27 anywhere =/
I'm going to my local Diesel store in a few days, i want to buy 2 pairs of jeans but have no idea what to get at all (you know that feeling, you have money and want to buy something even if you don't know what). What are your favourite washes at the moment? I'm a skynny jeans guy, i cut my list of jeans to 3 pairs (used to have 15) and have thavar 8x2, thavar 8880m and shioner 880w. Thanks!!
Yes, the white spots did stay but there were some brown paint drops or mud drops if you see what i mean. They are all gone and i'd like to put them back withtout destroying my jeans ;)
I think those are the regular cassidy model, very similar to my ones, but i have them in brown.
So, i became in love with Diesel when i saw the shioner 880w in a local store and had no idea of how Diesel worked at the time. I wear those jeans a lot in winter but only understood when joining this forum that we had to reverse our jeans when washing them in order not to ruin them. Here comes the problem. On the shioner 880w wash there are dirty stains all over it and most of them have dissapeared. Is there any way to get that dirt back on the jeans without ruining...
That's why i tought the website could be legit, their videos on youtube are good, you get to see how the washes they have look, more stores should do that, i wouldn't hesitate as much to buy clothes online ;)
I was looking for videos of people wearing Diesel jeans on youtube and came across a youtube channel showing their jeans. The jeans seem real and the model seems to be in the store so i don't see why there would be something wrong. But the website (based in italy) has Hebrew all over it and i don't know if i can trust the website? I saw a pair the thavar 8x2 is available for 140 euros (using a currency converter) which is interesting but very expensive if i'm going...
I haven't been able to wear my different jeans since the beggining of August... 43°C here today in the south of France, I actually want winter to come back now so I can put on my favourite jeans and sweaters... I have a question for you guys, or maybe should I say i need your opinion: I have thavar 8880m but only black or brown belts that i can use and my thavar looks weird with them? What kind of belt would suit me when wearing the thavar 8880m? A white one? A flashy...
There's no doubt all your jeans fit you but i prefer darker washes on you, they suit you better =)
8x2 all they way Score 3-3!!
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