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That's why i tought the website could be legit, their videos on youtube are good, you get to see how the washes they have look, more stores should do that, i wouldn't hesitate as much to buy clothes online ;)
I was looking for videos of people wearing Diesel jeans on youtube and came across a youtube channel showing their jeans. The jeans seem real and the model seems to be in the store so i don't see why there would be something wrong. But the website (based in italy) has Hebrew all over it and i don't know if i can trust the website? I saw a pair the thavar 8x2 is available for 140 euros (using a currency converter) which is interesting but very expensive if i'm going...
I haven't been able to wear my different jeans since the beggining of August... 43°C here today in the south of France, I actually want winter to come back now so I can put on my favourite jeans and sweaters... I have a question for you guys, or maybe should I say i need your opinion: I have thavar 8880m but only black or brown belts that i can use and my thavar looks weird with them? What kind of belt would suit me when wearing the thavar 8880m? A white one? A flashy...
There's no doubt all your jeans fit you but i prefer darker washes on you, they suit you better =)
8x2 all they way Score 3-3!!
Two months since my last purchase, needless to say the urge of getting a new pair is becoming unbearable. I'm actually thinking of selling my thavar 28x32 thavar 8x2 to get a size 27 since it stretched too much for me IMO. Any idea of where i could buy the thavar 8x2?  I think i need 3-5 pairs to feel my collection is complete. 
Haha, i saw them at the beginning of the thread and they looked nice with the press photos so i guess it's just one of those fake pictures to make us want to buy it. I need a greyish pair but have no idea what to get!!
What about the braddom 660r? I saw everybody was getting excited with that wash, has anybody bought it? I'm looking for a dark wash and was wondering if i will buy it but in some pictures it doesn't look as good...
Ok, so i'm on frustration mode, i'm wearing my jeans in 28x32 but wonder if i shouldn't size down in 27x32 for them to fit perfectly. I want to buy a pair for winter, i have shioner 880w but was thinking of selling it to get an other pair. So, this is when i'm asking for your help, could you guys tell me your top 5 washes in Diesel and maybe advice me in what pair that looks like shioner 880w i could get? Thanks for those who will help me!!
I noticed the thavar 8880m stretches a bit after a few days of wear but it's nothing dramatic. What i do is iron it after a few days to give back it's tightness and it works for me ;)
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