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What origins do you have? It's so cool to see that there's people from all over the world on this forum with the same passion 
Baltimore: 175cm? Your dutch right? Any dutch person that comes to France is taller than me and i'm 182cm. Even dutch girls are taller than me which is awkward when trying to hook up when they are on holidays in France hehe. Marcus: I think you have loads of room left before your jeans look too tight so keep the swimming up. I'm actually going to start swimming when i go back to college to get some muscles because i feel too skinny and hate going to gym so at least...
This is Thanaz 74k right? http://www.leboncoin.fr/vetements/363339219.htm?ca=16_s   Can the experts just reassure me and tell me it's real, the guy is selling it, or should i say giving it for 60 euros. I know the website, it's French, i just think the guy has no idea of it's value as he got it as a gift and is selling it because it doesn't fit.
Numa: Je sais, c'est ma paire préférée mais il me faut la taille juste en-dessous donc je vais essayer de prendre un 27 et vendre mon 28. Baltimore: I don't say it too often but excellent fit there, just what you need. In my opinion, when wearind skinny jeans, if you want them to fit really well you have to kind of feel them tight and uncomfortable ;)
Well i'm wearing my Krooley 88Z since all my good jeans are still in Poland where my suitcase landed instead of going to France with me hehe. I'm selling my thavar 8x2 size 28x32 if anyone is interested. It's on the marketplace ;)
I'm selling my Thavar 8x2 size 28x32 in order to purchase a new one in an size 27x32. Hurry up, they will go fast enough as they are one of the best jeans ever made by Diesel.
Good news for me!! My suitcase was found... in POLAND!! I don't know how the heck it landed there when i was just doing an Ireland to France trip. Well Ryanair lost me as a client that's fou sure, i just hope my jeans and tops are still in the suitcase and didn't get stolen... I'm so happy right now and feel like purchasing a new pair!! Tepphar 887v i next on my list.
So, goodbye thavar 8x2, goodbye thavar 8880m, goodbye shioner 880w, goodbye thanaz 660q!! Those jeans are now lost somewhere in Europe after mi suitcase was lost on my way back from Ireland to France!! I'm so pissed, i've no more jeans (i had decided to keep my collection ton 4-7 jeans), and Ryanair (the company) won't pay back the value of what was in my suitcase. I feel like commiting murder right now, what the fuck.
I have all of my pairs in size 28 including thavar 8x2 but the thanaz 660q is difinately a tight wash. I could barely close the button but it's the best pair to fit me. I could/should size down to 27 with the thavar 8x2 but the thanaz 660q is much tighter with raw denim. Will post pictures to compare both pairs
Hey denimers!! I'm back from the Toulouse Diesel store and in all honesty i was disappointed with the washes i saw. I tought love at first sight hit me when i saw the Shioner 804h, i loved the details and the black/gold assimilation. But when i tried it on it just became a basic black pair of jeans. Considering the prices of jeans i like to pick up original pairs and only one pair caught my attention: Thanaz 660q. I picked it up and will post pictures of it...
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