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Hey and welcome!! Please don't hesitate to post more pics and opinions so we can all talk about our jeans!! I think the jeans are plain but they fit you well. Have you ever tried to wear slim/skinny jeans such as Tepphar, Thanaz, Thavar or Shioner? I'm pretty skinny (1m82 for 63kg) and wear those jeans with nice jumpers and nobody comments on my skinniness anymore. You don't look skinny, your slim which is always better than being strong in your 20's and chubby in your 40's
I thinks it's pretty cool so if you like it go for it!!
Oh yeah I did. I mean i've no tracking number, i was with my girlfriend and she's the one who had all the papers and threw them so i was telling 118i that i didn't have a file ref number anymore. But now that I read my message I understand you could have thought I threw everything haha. I'm not that crazy 
That's really cool you got to experience the european lifestyle and then the american dream lol. What's your job? I'd love to work and live in America but my girlfriend wouldn't follow me so I guess I'll have to stay in France. I'm still a student, in a luxury masters. I might be Dior or Louis Vuitton's next CEO hehe, who knows? 
I need your advice guys. When buying a pair i generally get a 28x32 and i'm wondering if there is much difference between lenght 32 and lenght 30? I'm 182cm tall (6ft) and wondering if a lenght 30 would be too short for me?
Welcome back Denim Collector. It's weird that even in Paris there were no Tepphars. It was the same for me when i went to the Diesel store in Toulouse, France.  What' your job? I'd love to travell the way you do.
You need to post pictures of your jeans and we can help
Hey just saw your message. Ihaven't got anything anymore unfortunately, i threw everything once i got my suitcase back. It would have been interesting to see how my suitcase landed in Poland haha.
Thanks mate, I live in the south of France, just beside Spain, I'm closer to Barcelona (3 hours) than Paris lol. But i go to Paris a lot and I'm taking my girlfriend on a holiday there in 2 months. It's just 40 minutes by plane  Where in Florida do you live?
I love trench coats but can't wear them where i live. I'm in a rural area and everyone would be looking at me like if i were a freak or something.  Love the look you have Marcus. Funny to say that the first ones to wear trench coats were the men fighting in WWI in France and England.
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