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880W all the way, nothing comes close IMO
It is a different wash but if you have 8880m like I do then you just don't want to spend money on 880I, it's not worth having both pairs.
I have them and sold my 8880m to a guy I met in London for £180 instead of 180 euros as we both forgot we weren't in France haha. But I told him when I noticed the probleme but he didn't care so I actually have a turnover because I bought the 8880I for £150
Am I the only one who feelss the washes they have are a bit too crazy? It's nice to have a few but they're either way too crazy or way too plain, no 8x2, 888p and others like that..
Levis, they're £160 or £190, I forget. I didn't buy it for 2 reasons: I have 8880m and even if they're not the same I don't see the point of having both pairs so I would rather sell 8880m first and then get them. Also, they had w28 but all jeans stretch after a while and I fear they'll be to big then. But then again w27 is generally too tight so... I DON'T KNOW
Hey Lee, I went to House of Frazer and saw the jeans. Tried a w28 and looked nice but I have 8880m and need to sell them because they look alike. They only have one w29 and it's the one hanging on the wall.
FUCK: Those are like the nicest I've seen here. I want to get a pair but I have 8x2 and wonder if I really need it. I know 8x2 isn't quite the same but there's enough ressemblance for me to wonder if I really need them.
Lee, do you fancy going to see if they still have our sizes?
Haha, but does it not look like a 8880m?
Haha, we'll see who gets there first.
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