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Thanks Phukette.   @ Pryv75   Tu sais lire? Quand est-ce que je défends ebay? C'est pas parce qu'on est sur une discussion qui traite des trouvailles sur ebay que je défends le site. Arrogance parisienne quand tu nous tiens.
@Pryv75   Je suis pas d'accord avec toi, on se doit de dire aux membres du forum les risques qu'ils peuvent prendre. J'ai pas dit que tous les vendeurs étaient des escrocs mais que ça pouvait arriver. Combien de fois ai-je vu des annonces louches ou des articles de presse sur des ventes qui ont mal tournées?   Moi aussi je vends des articles sur leboncoin mais cela ne m'empêche pas pour autant de penser que c'est un site où le bon plan peut vite se transformer en...
Thanks Aramis, might pull the trigger then ;)
I just sold Thanaz 660q to get a new pair: hesitating between Shoner 817H and Thavar 817I but don't know what to do. Sometimes the jeans look great but at other times I'm worried they aren't as nice as I thought...
I just found a bunch of Thavar 8x2, 880m, 8880m in different sizes for sale between 50 euros and 100 euros. I've bought from different sellers so they should be safe. The best offer was an 8x2 in 28x32 for only 50 euros BUT it seemed to have gone through some serious washing but still there are loads of new pairs in other sizes for 50 euros to 100 euros. I might buy a few and sell them straight away to make a little profit.
I'm French, loads of people buy from this website but you're never sure you'll get what you purchased. A lot of people use this website to sell fake or stolen item, if I were you I would contact the seller and ask him to show you authentic pictures and ask him to put the item for sale on ebay.
I'm a bit disapointed with Diesel for the past 2-3 years, the washes suck and the prices are ridiculously rising... If I find a nice 888p I might pull the trigger.
Yeah I do but at least I wear them all now and wear chinos as well so in the end I can't really buy other ones. From what I saw from this winter's collection there isn't anything great so I think I'm going to get Thavar 888P but I'm scared I'll get a bad pair because they seem to be very different from one pair to another.
What do you mean by "the new wash from this season?" I've been so busy since Mai that I actually haven't checked anything with diesel.
I used to have 12 pairs and narrowed my collection to 4 and it's perfect because I get to wear them all now: Thavar 8x2 Shioner 880W Thavar 880I Thanaz 660Q   I'm thinking about getting one more pair but really have no idea what to get, perhaps 888P but the jeans but I can't find a really nice pair.
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