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Thanks guys for the replies. I saw all the other washes they had for spring/summer and they came as the best ones IMO. The Sleenker by the way was "only" 180 euros compared to 260 euros for the Thavar. I tought 180 euros was definately worth the purchase. @Leftvapor: I'll PM you over the weekend with pictures :) @Straychev: I'm just a huge American sports fan and support all Michigan (Detroit) based teams, no real explanation lol!! @Dieselicious: I actually compared the...
Hey guys, well after getting the new sleenker 824Z, I decided to go back to my local Diesel store and grab a pair for the summer. I tried 3 pairs: Sleenker 829I, Thavar 827w and Shioner... I kept the first two jeans as Shioner was a bit to bleachy. It's a nice pair but hard to match with tops. I also bought a jumper and a watch.       Shioner I didn't keep, it's a nice wash but I wanted a plain wash after getting Sleenker 824V last week, otherwise it's a lovely...
I'm 1m82, 6ft for the Americans. As soon as I saw them I loved them but knew it would be a bold purchase!! The cut is perfect IMO, and, as I said, the dirt is actually not so bad when I'm walking in the street or when a light is not on me, they aren't as scary when wearing them without taking a proper picture with details :)Thnaks mate, I was looking for a nice clean light wash and came back with this haha!Thanks dude, they are for slim people definately!
I wear w28 l32 but took w28 l30, the lenght is really long, the woman told me before I tried the jeans!! I have Thavar and Shioner and Sleenker fits even better, it's the perfect cut for me so keep your size but be carefull with the lenght!!
I did hesitate, not for the wash but for the critics my friends and other people would give me. I know I shouldn't care and all but I hate when you fell someone is staring at you weird because you have something different!! The wash is bold but when walking and with the other clothes all the dirt is quite "discreet".
I bought the new Sleenker 824Z, some MIGHT like it and some will hate it. It's a bad ass wash. I'll post pictures of them in a few minutes but won't have fit pics because I can't take any by myself.
I remember seing the 8x2 copy on their website and almost went for it but don't know if the quality is good or not. If it is then their jeans are worth the purchase because so cheaper than Thavar, Shioner, etc!!
Hey dude, I have an April77 pair and they are really skinny and love wearing Thavar so I can help: Thavar is just a basic slim so go for it. They are the best cut to wear IMO with Shioner and Thanaz being a little tighter but only "experts" will notice the difference!!
Hey guys, I'm finding it very hard to get a pair that matches for the winter with my Thavar 8x2. I have no idea what brands to look at. Any ideas?
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