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@Aahz   Yeah the trails we hit are really technical so even simple climbs are hindered by CHUNKS of granite everywhere. My legs are always on fire and it's never easy haha. I ride with my wife 99% of the time and it's simply one of those great couple activities. Also, I grew up on a bike and I can totally tell by how good it feels to be on a bike.    Here's a pic from around my neighborhood (Chelsea, MA - Tobin Bridge pictured)         And one from...
what Aramis said. 
i'd go bold solid colors on everything.
love the vintage textile, modern treatment trend. those are siick.
Jacket is basically finished!!!                 Also rocking the good ole' 888P. They amaze me EVERY SINGLE TIME I put them on, I swear.    What do you guys think of the jacket? 
yo yo yo yo yo yo yo         888P, Couture Jacket (it's finished!), Goorin Bros Fedora
Sweet! I KNEW there would be at least one other guy here who's into this stuff! I love my Stumpy :D I also have a Rockhopper with V's that I love bombing around in too:       And here's a shot of my New England stomping grounds.       
(sry, double post)
You By Kaye, my wife's couture line! Still local and still developing ideas but she does some amazing stuff! This is her first foray into men's sportswear!   Check out her FB: http://www.facebook.com/youbykaye   How have all of you guys been doing? 
...I'm back!    Taking a quick look around, it looks like there's more new members than there are new washes and that's always a good thing.   My money and attention has been devoted to building up and rocking this thing:             But I'm still here, and always trying to look good haha.   Check out this amazing silk couture jacket that's being finished up! Rocking the 886B's for a fitting...
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