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Thanks DC. Yeah the Black Gold Supedbia are my latest aquisition and the fit is ace, 30 x 30 is perfect. They came off UK eBay like new only £30. Deffo gonna seek some more :)
Haven't posted in over a year but looked in occassionally to keep up-to-date with Diesel fashion. I suppose I am an addict, have over 30 pairs of Diesel now. A few photos: Thanaz 0089S with Diesel belt, Moschino shirt and black boots Moshino shirt with Thanaz 008HK   Evisu shirt, Iakop 0111D with brown boots   Moschino Shirt, Thanaz 08881, Converse hi tops Thanaz 00BYH with pink Moschino shirt and Nike trainers (sorry poor image) In Spain, mad holiday...
All looking good guys !! Not posted much this year mainly cos I've had little new but I've been lurking and kept up to date with all the new posts and outfits which are full of new ideas. But this week got some new clobber as the suns been shining in UK at last.   So here's my new Thavar 8881's, a cool stripe, with new Converse Rune and an old River Island top:    
Happy Christmas everyone :)   Soon be my two year anniversary with Denim Blog I have learn't much about Diesel, styles and have gained some super ideas.   But tonight I am throwing caution to the wind and going out looking a right prat, lol. As its Crimbo eve in our local I have attired my self in a Shite Shirt. Who knows one day they might become a fashion icon !!   But of course with Diesel Thanaz 8S2 and Superdry boots. Should be fun !!       A great...
Some great outfits and ideas guys.   Its pretty mild tonight so going out in just a heavy Hollister shirt with white undervest, Thavar 880G and Fly shoes   taken with flash taken without flash
Wow a lot to catch up on .. thanks for the thumbs up DA super shade on those Thavar 88P @ DC my what a lot of jeans but your Tepphar 68z stand out. @ Xisco great Tepphars and your later Shionas look and fit well. @ Phukette love those grey thavars with loose boots, I've never tried leaving my boots like that but I must cos it looks cool dude. @ Gpoop Thanaz 8S9 looking good with your trusty Clarks Desert Boots.   Think thats nailed everyone. some hurried pix cos...
@ Gpoop great Sunday outfit and thanks for the like.   This evening just going out in my second pair of Iakop 111D which are dark grey colour. Wierd how Diesel have the same number with different colours. I've two colours in my Thanez 8YH. Also wearing Hudson boots, Cederwood shirt anf River Island jacket.  
Looking good guys !! I got some new clobber so will put some fit pics up as I wear them. Here is my first pair of Iakop, 111D with Diesel boots, new Diesel anchor print shirt and 4you velvet jacket :)  
All looking good guys, some very nice outfits and new ideas.   Got a couple of new pairs this week, well one pair is s/h off ebay. So far all my really skinny jeans have been Thavar or Thanaz but I ventured with a pair of Krooley and Tepphar for the first time. I like them.   Krooley 111D stretch, Kenzo Homme shirt and Hudson Boots     I have a red pair of Diesel jeans already but this colour is a really nice alternative imo.   Next up are my s/h Tepphar 8PK...
Yee hee DS .. Shiona are amazing Sanibolla .. I love whisky !! Tonight I was out in thanaz 8S2. me loves em !  
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