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Lol. I do like their outrageous bullhead wing belt. I think that looks cool. Pulling it off as everyday wear and the price probably will be out of my league
Love your purchase there. Camo rocks
By bleeding he means does the jeans color rub off to other material such as white shirt, shoes, or any light fabric. Correct me if I am wrong.
Shioner special edition it's wax coated with sequins on the sides. IMO looks badass. Wanted one when diesel was discounting these to 180, but ran out of my size
Hi do you still have this jeans and do you ship it to USA?
Looks good! Show us your progress! With Texas humidity it should fade fast
I love your creativity. You are one fine denim distressing craftsman Jim. Thank you for sharing. Hoping to see more of your work.
This is true, I believe some other company bought them and is run by them. I used to like older all saints better. Doesn't mean I don't buy all saints.. Just saying.
I hope it's not too confusing. I usually stick to regular diesel size for all naked and famous. I can't seem to size down on these like diesel krooley or braddom.
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