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Thanaz 813z. Didn't like it first but after seeing in real life, it was a must buy. Like denim addict one of my fav.
I sized down 2 sizes...from usual... But then again I been losing some weight. I recommend size down 1, but feel brave maybe you can size down 2
33x30.. Knee fades little bit lower then I like but fantastic wash. Keeper for sure
834b here
It's thick denim 100% cotton. I believe it might be 12-14ozdenim? Just a notch below 888p in terms of thickness
More pic of blue eyecon 834b I belie
More pic of blue eyecon 834b I believe
Due to recent weight loss now I fit into 33 Krayver... Maybe you could size down 2 sizes for this cut.
To give you idea I wear krooley 34-30 or 34-32 and I wear tepphar 34-30 if stretch but usually 36-30 for comfort fit and thavar 34-30 or 36-30 for baggier look. The Krayver I am wearing is 34-30 last season blue eyecon
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