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Keep up the good fight! Don't wash until u wear for about 6 month worth! It's looking good. I have 6-7 raw denim rotation along with diesel, scotch and soda...etc.. It's hard but keep at it!
Just a wild guess, but I believe they chose slammer over thanaz (if those were the choices given) because universally it fits better among different body types. ( not talking about if it looks good, lol, talking about fitting only.) As much as I like thanaz, that cut fits crappy on someone like me, and few others who I have seen over the years. slammer on the other hand fits much better, because it's roomier on top with tapering on bottom. Its a safer bet when it comes to...
Yes I have seen worst pocket bags then what your showing. Honestly yours is fine, in fact it might give unique fade when said and done.i like your single cuff better and about that gap. It doesn't bother me and I am sure over time it will settle once your jeans get softer and washed. It might shrink to get better fit once you soak your jeans.But at the end of day do what you like best. when u hem the jeans though I recommend going to specialized one that gives chain...
Pretty good fit. But I can see point of others in that site. But I also know why u want to taper the first jeans. It streamlines better with that shoes. Most of those raw denim heads don't like altering their jeans and love the fact it comes as is. They see that as beauty. Anyways the twist of the seams are normal with raw denim, can't do much about that. I have few raw Japanese denim that has seam twist that overlaps from one leg to other. The second jeans look good fit...
This depends on your body type. Some people are tall but have short legs while some people have short torso with long legs. Idealistically most diesel jeans favor body type with long legs and short torso. However I think ideal body type should be the golden ratio.
I do believe pre-washed denim lost its popularity partially because of people are more aware and moving towards raw/ selvedge denim. the potential fades on the raw jeans look so much better then fabricated ones, imo. Dont get me wrong I do love a pair of diesel and other pre-washed denim if it looks right and I still hunt for nice ones. However if you start to look at naturally faded raw jeans of people vs. pre-washed denim, you will start to recognize that lot of these...
SLP black skinny raw. I believe it's season '14 15.5cm as it is zipper fly.
Zara men is ok. Little bit on flimsy side. I like few pieces from their collection here and there, but they feel too trendy for me. Quality is decent. Their shoe quality is ok as well. If you are skinny/ slim side in terms of body build, it's not a bad place to shop or give a shot.
Krayver 834b I think? And Mickey tee and bed stu boots
I know I am not the guy who should respond, but I have 2 krayver and I sized down 1 size on one(which I regret cause it looks loose) and other one I sized down 2 sizes. The fit is krooley top block and tapers to thavar leg opening. I recommend sizing down 2 sizes. But I wanna hear the guys take on it.
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