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Krooley 801n
I was gonna mention cuffing also... But saying you don't like it. It's best to resell. However I love cuffing all my jeans these days. Especially with mid to high top boots.. Wash looks good, thanx for the review. I also noticed all diesel jeans have been longer in length with new season, which irritates me because the fades go in wrong places.
Karacho? Or audit. Lol
Perfect fit. That's a cool leather jacket shirt. You rocking it like bob Marley does!
Baloo I believe tepphar or shioner is your best bet for narrow opening.
Sick outfit Aahz. That's what I am talking about. Perfect 10.
Awesome outfit as always... I think the outfit will look even better if you tucked in your shirt with belt for this one.
Not diesel but superdry denim.
Tepphar turbo denim. (Size down if you still have interest in these.) all saints shuttle notes button up.
Nice! Love the colors you going on there. Superb. Might have to high jack this outfit.
New Posts  All Forums: