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SLP black skinny raw. I believe it's season '14 15.5cm as it is zipper fly.
Zara men is ok. Little bit on flimsy side. I like few pieces from their collection here and there, but they feel too trendy for me. Quality is decent. Their shoe quality is ok as well. If you are skinny/ slim side in terms of body build, it's not a bad place to shop or give a shot.
Krayver 834b I think? And Mickey tee and bed stu boots
I know I am not the guy who should respond, but I have 2 krayver and I sized down 1 size on one(which I regret cause it looks loose) and other one I sized down 2 sizes. The fit is krooley top block and tapers to thavar leg opening. I recommend sizing down 2 sizes. But I wanna hear the guys take on it.
Np. Welcome back. It's nice to see forum being more active with u here.
Agreed. I myself gravitate towards more slim look then skinny. Loose taper or slim taper is what I am buying. It must be in the 30's crisis lol. Don't get me wrong I still have my skinned too, fantastic fit jenetic
Braddom 816h
They are tepphar 827y. And Nordstrom rack will have past season stuff as well as display model
Krooley 801n
I was gonna mention cuffing also... But saying you don't like it. It's best to resell. However I love cuffing all my jeans these days. Especially with mid to high top boots.. Wash looks good, thanx for the review. I also noticed all diesel jeans have been longer in length with new season, which irritates me because the fades go in wrong places.
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