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Great fit! Da as usual. I myself got 3 skinny Lin. Love the curved waist. Can't wait til yours fade denim addict.
Hot stuff! That shoe is in my want list. Thinking about canvas version as well. Those shoe go perfect with black skinny jeans imo.
Keeper! Great fit. Yes they fit bit weird. It's cardboard stiff, but stretchy enough to be fitted, but that's what's so good about them tbh. The crotch fit really tight for me in the beginning, but got better as I got more wears on them. The pocket is small, but I actually like it because even if you go super tight on fit, the pocket lining don't show through cause pocket is small and high. My 2 slp black denim has shine to it as well. I suspect that there is poly blend in...
Great post! You always get the best color and descriptive review. Knowing those inseam is on the shorter side, I am tempted to get it myself. It's a great fit denim collector, my only advice is, if I can give one, is wear thinner undergarment as I see linings that I wouldn't want to see. And those linings I see in those great picture, I can see it on myself if I were to get one. I am guessing the denim is on the thinner side. Anyways congrats! It looks fantastic on you...
Nice! I just measured the inseam and it sits at 33.5 inch.Denim addict, your welcome. If you get really tempted and try, order from site that has free return. As for measurement and sizing, site SSENSE has accurate measurement on their site per clothing item.
Thanx denim addict! I think you have a great proportion and body type to fit into SLP stuff. Dieselicious it's fw15 version, but it's considered permanent collection, being it will be around I believe.
Here are the pics Dieselicious. They are skinny fit 15cm leg opening. Of course my leg opening is bit bigger as I wear big boy size and am a chubby dude. Lol. Length is 34inch long and it's 98 cotton 2 elastaine. Fits nice and snug, but already stretched little bit after 2 wears. I sized down one but I guess I could of downsized 2 sizes on this one if I wanted that skin tight slp look, ( I rather not though). This particular wash is permanent collection version and the...
Phukette. This is D01 raw hem. Perfect fit for trainer or low top sneakers. Leg opening is pretty big like safados though. 7.75 ish opening, but i think it fits my body well for it. But that opening has more to do with my waist size more then anything.
It fits good. For some reason I had to buy this 1 size up or tts. For the skinny I stick to my skinniest size and it fits fine. The waist is tighter, but slim enough to wear it without looking too Beggy. I will try to snap of fit when I get home.
Great pick up! Denim addict! I also purchased few things here and there. Nudie skinny Lin and 2 slp denim. 1 skinny trash denim and 1 slim straight d01 is latest. That other one is old.
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