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Thank you Jeanetic, are the fakes as widespread as the Diesels?
Sorry for ya :(   Try to check with phukette if he wants to sell you his   http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/64112/what-diesel-are-you-wearing-today/17750#post_1747099
Alright, I just did!!! baltimore seems to be right! I got an auto responder saying that the phone number no longer exists!
I had checked before posting that link and they had a phone number, they might be selling fakes but I can give a call too as I speak french.
http://la-boutique-vogue.shopplanets.com/index.php?route=product/product&filter_name=0019N&product_id=3   Let me know if you can't handle french.
Just a brief question, I couldn't find the answer with a search.   Where are authentic Dior jeans made in please?   Thank you
What's your size? There is a belgian website that seems to have them but for 160 EUR... INSANE!
Yes don't bother, not genuine!
Keep posting the baby's pics... OMG how cute he is!!! What's his name? He's denimblog super star :)   Anyway, that shirt will make your wife jealous
What about mines, tough hein? :D
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