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Pre-owned, just to make sure you saw that.
That seller is well trusted in France. They have a website too.
I love my Diesel pajama jeans as well. I think I'll try to sleep in them once, a weekend maybe 
I hope you are not talking about me, I don't have those sizes as you know.
  Hehe, the shadow is accurate that's why I didn't want to think about it but right, the edges are not as sharp as other items in the picture.    
I like your shirt, what is it?    For Dior it goes without saying.
Jungs Englisch bitte, ich muss verstehen, was los ist.
Put it in the marketplace, and then you'll have an option to include it in your signature 
You're not allowed to post that in here.
I can 'proxy' for you if you want, if you can afford shipping... PA is close   
New Posts  All Forums: