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    I will ship to US, USPS Priority for $10, but shipping fees will depend on your location elsewhere.   Ebay ID: talk_gold   Thank you!
In my opinion, ZARA stuff might look good, but they are very very low cost fabric. 
Are you sure there is a difference?
Doesn't make sense, preowned and the highest bidder has 3 feedbacks. Totally weird.
Lee, I may 'proxy' if you can afford shipping.
In France, Germany... Those washes are much more famous than in here.
In my opinion, they are real.
No I won't :) Thanks for the feedback. I will not handle if I impress everyone 
Thanks jeanetic: 0R7K8   Got them from France, never seen them here... Don't know why.  
  Seems like a Safado day.
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