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Be careful, their phone number is in china and as baltimore stated, they look like ssense clone.
Larkee 880f that I have are made in Tunisia :)
They are not available anywhere!!! I kept an eye everywhere but in vain.
Because you can get them from here.    http://store.diesel.com/de/slim-skinny_cod42224112hu.html
What size are you looking for? Where are you located?
UK online store has them 
I assume you are 28/32. right?    
No idea, if your size is L and you like it, don't wait :) Can't find them anywhere else ;)
Yours are converging toward mines... Actually the ones I posted are pre-washed (darkened) Tepphar 886A. Can you believe that? Hope DBG fit well
Qwerk, did you get your Tepphar 886A yet? Can you guess what those are. (Keep bleach out of yours anyway)  
New Posts  All Forums: