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How do you find my new exclusivity? Thanaz      Sneak peek 
  Let me just remind you to stay away from that website. Thanks
Tunisia is known for their high quality textile manufacturing... Cheaper labor than Italy? Right! but the quality is high enough. I wouldn't be concerned by buying Diesel made in Italy or less than 400 miles away.  
Have you considered falling to your right side?   What city is that?  
I don't like them but what are these thanaz???  
Thanks, and I agree that they are too heavy for the coming season :) They are indeed Diesel.
How do you find these? I didn't make them so don't hesitate to dislike 
Stay away, I was always planning to report them to Google as it has always been indexing them.
880F wash is beautiful, ever tried a larkee since you wear straight?
The number of feedbacks confirms it :)
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