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The seller has 100% positive, though in my opinion those are fake :(
  Ebay. What's your size?
  WOW, thanks a lot for the feedback but the sale seems very interesting... I wish I could drive to there... $10 tshirts, $19 hoodies   
Isra those are not quite available now, they are sold out everywhere... I can only find w34 and w38.
Well just a guess, I may be exaggerating but since the prices are becoming higher each day I wouldn't be surprised. Besides Diesel never include the place where the jeans are made to decide on the price.
I'm afraid I have no idea about the price as these did not reach stores yet. I expect something around $300.     
  Hey D.C, how was it? did you grab anything?  
Well it depends on where you are and what you are looking for.
  I will ship to US, USPS Priority for $10, but shipping fees will depend on your location elsewhere.   Ebay ID: talk_gold   Thank you!
Could you the stripes or do you want more pics?
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