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What country are you in? If you could get the parcel stamped as gift and with no bills inside, it would help!!!
Are you looking for Jogg Diesel.   Here is one.   I will not charge you for the exclusivity!!!   I will ship to US, USPS Priority for no extra charge, but shipping fees will depend on your location elsewhere.   It comes with no waistband string as shown in the picture.   Ebay ID: talk_gold   Thank you!
To be honest with you, I do understand arabic and I knew what the word meant even without seeing it entirely. I was just trying to prove me wrong. I'm very very glad that you believe in god now regardless to what religion you belong to, and I agree that it's a very good idea to take it removed. Not sure if this comment will be published without your confirmation, if not just read it for your self, no need approve it. Thank you.
Can't wait to read your left hand tattoo :p arabic?
Marketplace.   http://www.denimblog.com/c/f/3329/denimblog-marketplace/  
Hey, you have arabic letters on your left hand tattoos?  
Just make sure he affords them when he grows up
If you post a better picture of the tags, it might help... But as I can see it now, it's a fake.  
I speak french just in case and the site is legit AFAIK.
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