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"pb" Postal box?
Right! Most guys in a hurry are looking for a scam.
That pair is real R35GTR.
Make sure you'll have a tracking number and a fair estimate of the time to reach destination.
The thing is that the buyer might not be understanding your mails... Not sure about your country's postal service but there has to be an estimate when the service is trackable and paypal will definitely consider that. Usually deliveries that take as much time should be avoided
I agree, go figure out.     It has to be the one on the left. Let me find the other photo from the article, it has tags over them.
$140 price lowered.
http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=170851298727   Thanaz with stripes is part of the 2012 collection I think. This pair is without wrinkles though and mad in Tunisia.
Send to the adress confirmed by paypal and did you charge highly enough for shipping? Make sure you use a trackable service and don't worry about the rest. Signature is required if you received more than $250 as payment, but that would mean Express USPS which is the most expensive.
The package is still available for him to pickup, as Jennifer suggested don't do anything before getting your package back and try to discuss shipping fees refund with him and with ebay as well. You may send me the tracking number to check it further for you as I speak french.  
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