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wow! love the wash,and love the fit!!! where did u get them from ??  i really like them!!
the blue darron looks so different on the diesel site and on haburi :( edit:on the second look they look the same...just liked the pic with the jeans only too much ;[
Hi guys!   I`m selling my krooleys 880W . I bought them a few months ago,but never really got into them :(   W 31 , L 32  never worn,never washed,completely new without tags The price: 129 euros    If you are interested send me a PM or e-mail at vatchevbg@gmail.com   Here are some pics:  
Love the 8mz !!!! just ordered them from yoox : )
yo guys,just saw this larkee-t http://store.diesel.com/de/regular-tapered_cod42224108jm.html does anyone know how larkee-t fits ?? is it slimmer than normal larkee or just tapered at the end ?
Karacho - reaaal  nice ; )    
its a sick sick wash. i am afraid I must have it : ( 
well I`am sorry.I did not know that. I saw a few posts like that in THIS thread,so I thought it was ok. Anyway,am I allowed to write it as a signature ?
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