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hi i probably didn't express myself right . they are loose on the waist but fit perfect.i wear my jeans a little saggy  but i am not sure if they will still get loose in this area considering that i won't try to stretch them in any way,just want the m to stay that way if you know what i mean .. : )   but never mind,any opinions on the fit ? : )
looks great!! they fit u perfect 
hi guys,just received my krooley 882d and i would like to hear what do u think : ) they are just a bit loose on the waist and i was wondering if they will get any looser with time( i don't want this to happen) ?
10x thats sad,they look amazing but i`m not that skinny :(
hi guys do you know what is the wash code of this tepphar and does it come in oder fits ?  :)
also for all the guys from germany ( and europe i think,not sure .. ) some very intereting stuff on dress-for-less.de ; )    
hey guys sorry to post in a such an old thread but i don't see sense making a new one for just one question : )   Can someone tell me how does POIAK fits compared to DARRON in the thighs ? I have a few Darrons and they are perfect and now i consider buying a poiak but i am not sure ...
gpoop excellent outfit!!love the jacket ;]
hm can someone help me and compare thavar thanaz and tepphar in the thighs area ? 10x : )
  dude,isn't tepphar supposed to be a carrot fit and therefore looser than thanaz and thavar who according to diesel are skinny ?      
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