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wow jeanetic love the shoes.cant wait to see how they look with jeans on : )   baltimore thanaz 71j or no .. what whas is that ? looks very nice on you,probably a bit saggy on the ass bit still nice : )
yes phukette darron 880r .. been dreaming about those for a few months... next on the list 888p on sale if possible : )))
hi guys   here my last purchase...not a new model,but i had to have it ..  
nice outfit phukette ! what is the name of the shirt ? i really like it : )
10x a lot phukette : )
hi guys!   does anyone own this wash ? how does it fit ? does its stretch a lot ?since it is 18% elastrelle should i go with my normal size or size down ?    10x
hi guys    i was checking the diesel online store and came across those - http://store.diesel.com/de/elegante-schuhe_cod44288628wh.html they look quite good in my opinion but i would love to see some other pics if somebody here has them.the shoe comes in three variations and only one has the sole stitched so i guess i am leaning more to it but still hope to see some pics and hear some opinions : )
talking about stretching jeans how long do you think it will take to stretch jeans to a comfortable level?should one day be enough or more like a week or so ?
hi guys  i just received my darron 8w7 which is a stretch wash and I was wondering is it going to stretch with time or they`ll just stretch while i wear them and than get back to normal ? also what do u think on the fit ?  
krooley 008NL  
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