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i saw these on yoox a few days ago and decided to give them a try i like them quite much      
does anyone know the name of the shoes ?  
Phukette you should make a review or at least post some fit pics of the 803w. I've been dying to see those jeans irl : )
fit pics pls : )
thats funny I found krooley 808Y -  http://store.diesel.com/de/regular-slim-carrot_cod42255720ke.html which looks like the pics of 805P but without the white stitching or at least looks that way in the diesel pics ..    I also really like the 803U wash-  http://store.diesel.com/de/slim-skinny_cod42255741bi.html I hope it comes in a different cut than thavar...not MII unfortunately ..   and darron 803S...
karachi,one word - NICE ; )   what are the shoes from the first two pics ? they kinda look like diesel thor .. ?
hi,thanks : ) that is darron 8mz ; )
thanks guys! i have to learn how to size my jeans proper,so i really appreciate your opinion : )
today a new sized down darron and a diesel button up.what do you guys think
hi guys i wanted to ask you for a opinion.. do you think my darron is too loose on me ? i got it in w31 and it stretched more than i wanted and now i saw it on sale at yoox and i am quite tempted to get me a waist 30 and try to sell those ... do you think its worth the effort ?  
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