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Relentless i think its called jonntyr
yeh the jacket is really nice  i was also gonna ask you what is it :D
From the moment i saw them I thought they look like 882d and since i missed buying the 882d I thought I might get them as a replacement. But buying and keeping them only because they are a Blue Eycon is not something I would even consider. Still great jeans
Hi selling darron 8w7 w31 l32 because they were to lose.i have worn them once and they are basically new. Price is 49 euros without shipping.you chose the way of shipping
Selling darron 8mz w31 l32 because its to big for me.they are worn a few times but were to lose. Price is 69 euros without shipping.you choose the way of shipping
dude i cant believe you still havent posted a pic of krooley 801N 
vlad,i think this is thavar 8b9 but i`m not sure    can anyone help on the shoes i posted above?
darron 880r for the cold rainy weather today               
yeh,they are quite nice once you see them IRL.very nice details and the wash is just perfect for rainy dark days lol   on yoox they only have 33/32 noe I believe...i got the last 30/32 so i`m happy : ))
yeh its darron. i thought i wrote the name :D
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