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relativ nah. danke   nice fit thisway 
wow where did u saw them ?? 
thanks phukette!gonna wait till they put them on sale   and wow they managed to take really awful photos of it :D
i just noticed iakop 804j - http://store.diesel.com/de/tapered_cod42255748nk.html and i quite like the wash...more than when i saw krooley 804j :D   also does anybody know if darron 803w is going to be sold in the german online store...i`m kinda getting worried 
they look really good on you.not to lose as i would expect for 2 sizes bigger waist ..  :)
how does your 8x2 fit ? i don`t believe i have seen pictures,but i remember being quite interested how would they look,because you are not exactly the "skinny" guy ..
wow grag,great krooley there! u got a really cool pair too(just the perfect amount bleaching) where did u get it from ?
Thanks Phukette,its tom tailor.the shirt is also diesel from last season
just got darron 8z8 in the mail.plain indigo wash with orange stitches for everyday           
very nice TimeOut.880g is s really nice wash i love the orange stitches it has 
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