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Hi guys!   Just decided to post some pics of MY Krooleys ;) f   what do you think ? : )
Hi!   Can someone who have seen these jeans tell me how do they look ? Because i like them here http://www.ssense.com/men/product/diesel/krooley_882d_jeans/39886 real nice blue jeans and don`t really like them here - http://store.diesel.com/DIESEL/detail/tskay/230223AD/cod10/42193736NH/agerange/adult/mm/125  kinda too light on the thighs :/   Can you help me ? : )
Hi guys  I was wondering what is the difference between those two fits?I like carrot/tapered jeans but nothing too extravagant(krooley,darron are one of my favs).I need some more space for the thighs and slimmer look from the knee down.Can you recommend me which of them both is for me ? 10x in advance ;]
Hi! I`m 1 meter 80 and I weigh about 74kg.I usually wear 31 w and 31/32 l but the darrons are a bit loose on my waist and I guess I can fit perfectly in a 30 waist ;)
Hei,thank u for the reply. Unfortunately its not what I wanted to read :) Usually I go for tapered/carrot fit because they have more space for my thighs and still fall good on sneakers.And anything slimmer in than Darron in the thighs is not going to work for me :( I would be happy to read any suggestions for other Diesel models who are bigger or similar to darron and krooley(if there are any)  
Hi guys! I`m a big fan of Diesel Jeans and particularly of Tapered/Carrot fits.I have a few pairs of krooley and darrons and they fit me perfectly.Now i fell in love with the Shioner 74Y http://store.diesel.com/DIESEL/detail/tskay/C569C0A4/cod10/42224098MT/mm/125/agerange/Adult/mm/125 but I am a bit concerned if I will fit in them.I usually wear W31 L32 and i was wondering if someone who has tried them can compare them with krooley or darron ? I would really appreciate...
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