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hi guys. i`ve been getting into dry denim lately and started looking some nice jackets and shirts.i was just wondering how does a jacket or a shirt looks like after some wear...i find the distressing and creases on dry jeans beautiful but cant really say i have seen any realy damaged shirts/jackets.Can anyone who owns similar stuff post some pics?
nice thavar mate !!
phukette you should try grim tim : )
great darron leftvapor! 880r is a realy nice wash   my last purchase nudie grim tim  
great krooley karacho! are the shoes diesel ?
whats the deal with krooley 88z - http://store.diesel.com/de/regular-slim-carrot_cod42280561an.html MII for 140euros ?? 
agreed. plain blue jeans are just classic 
  definitely cant wait for better pics 
Gpoop great outfit.I always loved your style...simple yet cool.love the clarks!   touluz thanaz looks good on you.me personally not fan of the red...you should probably get them hemmed,though i like the stacking 
hi guys   i just bought some nice boots,but the leather is quite soft and i was wondering how quality and reliable are soft leather shoes?
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