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wow Ramirez you are going to have to post some more pics of that shirt!! it looks sick!!
I dont think you will be able to shrink them.If anything,they will stretch more when you wear them.My suggestion would be to size down/or try a different fit if the waist is already too tight!
denim jacket with my nudie raws
great jeans phukette! i have tried these on...really soft and nice feeling..cant say the same for the price though  u should try cuffing them a little bit 
hahah Ramirez I was considering buying the exact same diesel jacket,but had a change of mind at the last moment :D
got myself a hilfiger denim jacket almost for free today :D    
100 euro
nudie grim tim today. sorry for the crappy pics :D  better later
great jeans lorna.those will look beautiful after a couple of months. i`ve been wearing my nudie grim tim ddo lately.such a great jeans and so many opportunities to create a masterpiece 
yeah i was also wondering how is the "no wash" rule going to affect the shirt...because i`m guessing at some point i`m gonna have to wash it much earlier than 6 months into wearing it ... :(
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