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Happy Birthday!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by CognacGirl Ok. I hate to do this but I need advice and didn't want to start a new thread. This is my first pair of skinny/straight leg jeans that I've purchased and am unsure if I can wear them OK. I know they're a bit long, but I want to make sure they also don't look too tight or make my legs look more stumpy. Bash away, thx. You can so wear those! They seriously look great on you!
I believe that is an HFer....I forget who.
Cute Lorna and Adam!! This was from friday night:
Looks like I'm the only girl to say it....but I actually like them.
random black tshirt scarf I bought from a street vendor for $1 (in India) Paige Las Flores Rocket Dog flats
They're morrison's. wangz - love the pixis
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