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Quote: Originally Posted by bergdorfbrunette This is an aside, but I think HR is light years behind the U.S. dept stores. How can they not be online yet? They're resting on their laurels (sp?)... they need competitors. I think it may have to do with the fact that they have too much competition online. People who shop online would likely just purchase from a US retailer for cheaper. It is probably not worth the money that they would put into...
50% on regular merchandise, 33% on sale merch....and there's different discount on certain brands. Like there's a lower discount on the stuff in the Chanel boutique, because it's a licensee. They definitely make commission. As for requirements to work there, a friend of mine who works there said they don't really hire anyone that doesn't have 5 years of retail experience...and the places you work will factor in too (like 5 years at grocery store probably wouldn't cut...
yup, tts.
they're real
Absolutely, 100% real.
yay! I'm all for moving it up. I like SFAM...but they rarely fit me well.
I love those. I just tried those on at the store I work today. Definitely with skinny jeans.
CognacGirl - that pic is soooo adorable! You have a son?? never would have guessed it...you look so young!
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