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Wear the jacket with black pants. For example....I have some black cotton-twill skinny pants from H&M that would look good with the jacket. The pants have pockets and are casual like jeans....but not made of denim.
If the 27's of the jagger vicodines are big in the waist for you....I'd say to go with a 26 in the oxygen wingers.
Quote: Originally Posted by talk_shows_on_mute No word of a lie, that was my school uniform during the Infants/Primary school days except the tie was green instead of burgandy! Of course, minus the skirt.... pics please
Quote: Originally Posted by mctommy Integra GSR 93. Just call her Cherie. hahaha
Quote: Originally Posted by peteralexia i have to respectively disagree dave.There is no use being positive,just for the sake of it.I dont mind members having different opinions to me.Infact,i respect people who have placed alot of thought in what they have to say...even if i disagree with them we are discussing fashion...opinions are going to vary...members imo want feedback...preferably positive,but there is a risk its going to be...
Maybe if you'd just stop posting a bunch of lies, then this wouldn't happen.
Free speech is gone. Much like your sanity. You lost your privledges once you started spamming our forums.
She's 5. And insane.
Stop posting. Your credibility is GOOOOONE. No one is going to care what you post about hips.
No place for liars on honestforum.
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