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Quote: Originally Posted by tiff I love it when I see people wearing fakes on tv shows so funny wow, you've actually seen fakes on tv shows?
Wear a dark pair of jeans. (And I voted for the first top too...so cute! Who cares what everyone else is wearing).
Yes, it's a spammer. Do not click the link, just delete.
They're real without a doubt. The buyer wouldn't have a leg to stand on if she filed a claim. Do not refund. Direct her to this thread, so that she knows she has a beautiful authentic pair.
lorna - what diesel's are those? I like!
Quote: Originally Posted by blm14 Yet more proof that R&R is lame. If you think it's so lame, then why are you hanging around in this forum? Ben was sighted in R&R....I'm going to tell evveryone. Ruin your rep :P
lorna - I like the pants...but wear heels with them!
$110-125 range
Weird. I like the wash though. It's classic.
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