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Yeah they're real.....but bleh :P
A lot of people have been boycotting turnitin lately; you lose your intellectual property rights by submitting your work to them. vcf - I was in a similar situation lately. It was a problem-solving based math assignment, and my prof asks to talk to me after class and says "I gave you an A, but you would have gotten an A+ if you hadn't shared your work with Miss _______". That doesn't even make sense. It was math, there are specific answers....if we both got them all...
Quote: Originally Posted by blm14 When was the last time the taxes in canada were lowered? Don't look a gift horse in the mouth man, 1% is not a 1% raise! Yeah, it's not a bad thing...but I still say they could have garnered much more support if they had, instead of lowering the GST, just said that 1% of GST would be dedicated to going to schools, or healthcare, or cities, or whatever. $1 off every $100 that I spend makes no difference to...
Quote: Originally Posted by Imhotep lol ya... i just found out about it this morning. Family Day - February 18th. What a joke. Not gonna argue with a day off though. We should just appropriate it as a drinking holiday lol
I'm vegetarian, and I've got the bird legs here too. I wish food went to my thighs....they need to catch up with the waist.
Quote: Originally Posted by kellygawtscammed Hey.. you guys also now have an extra holiday!! In feb, right? Yeah...."Family Day". That was just passed in the Ontario Provincial election though. It's in a couple other provinces, but not all of them.
Quote: Originally Posted by blm14 Why dont you guys petition the government to reduce the import duty scheme? With a conservative in office you may actually be able to get that done. He's already (gasp!) reduced some taxes, no? Yeah, the GST went down 1% woooo
Quote: Originally Posted by kellygawtscammed I cringe when I hear that parents are paying for their tuition because students have so many options out there for financial aid and scholarships. They just dont look because mommy and daddy are going to cover the whole thing so they dont feel like they have to do any work. There are work study programs where you can work on campus and you can get a part time job to help pay for school. I dont think that its...
Sarah, we're the same person. :P I was 19 in my third year of university too. And I desperately want to learn french. My biggest regret in life is quitting taking french after 9 years of it through elementary and high school. I wish I had gone on exchange when I was in my third year. Or taken french through university....but a little late for that now in my last year. If you figure out a good way to learn where you stay in Toronto, let me know.....we'll take classes...
I was contemplating a drive over the border to Buffalo for today.....but I decided I should probably go to class
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