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Love em! Anyone seen berlins in red rain?
....and how much is it worth? It's size M.
They are real, and several tags look like that. Perhaps R&R re-washes the jeans after the tags have already been sewn in.
new years.... guess dress nine west shoes vintage clutch (can't see it)
Just message the user on here, and link them to this thread. Those jeans are 100% real. Do not refund. You will win a Paypal claim, and I will write you an authenticity letter if you need it.
^ Yes it is. New high-rise cut.
betsey johnson watch bcbg shoes lots of chocolates hundreds of dollars worth of gift cards
No selling outside of the mall. Please post them in the mall...click the mall tab in the top banner.
b - where is that top from?? I need to know!
woooo markville....I'm from Markham Markville has 3 good stores in my opinion, H&M, Winners...and Kamdorbo (they sell R&R, and Diesel).
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