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Check out some of the brands that come up in this search: Jackets & Coats Leather & Fur - Spring 2008 Collection - Free Shipping!
oooh patent leather.....love the flame blacks!
^ haha yes, it's Canadian for "honored". Well, to be correct, it's British, not Canadian. You crazy Americans...dropping the u's just because you hated the British! lol
Ebony? Yeah, that's not even this season.....this one, they're in New York.
Thanks zee, ryan, apryl, and barbie for the comments
because of the sizes, I think you can ask fairly high prices. NWOT Sz 24 Quaalude Scorps unhemmed - $150-160 NWOT Sz 25 Methane Kiss unhemmed - $115 NWOT Sz 24 Crystal Anthrax Skulls unhemmed $100 NWT Sz 24 Addict wash White Madrid crowns unhemmed $150 Sz 24 Magnesium Roths, worn twice, unhemmed $80 Sz 24 Venom Castellos, worn once $65-70 Sz 24 Studded Agent Logos, worn once, stamped IRR, unhemmed $160 Sz 24 Dopium Kiedis, worn once, unhemmed $110-120 NWOT Sz 23 Librium...
i saw it!
Quote: Originally Posted by gam29 I couldn't agree with you more. Just perfection...and because I agree with your post so much, I am going to give you a +1. I haven't given anyone a +1 in a really long time (as a matter of fact, I've been dishing out the -1's)...so you must have really earned it. lol i'm honoured!
I circled the ones that you're not allowed to get rid of:
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