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meh, i think you looked hot. ....hi JV
Quote: Originally Posted by Kimberlini courtzzzz69 and ac421.... You guys always work for free? ...just checking for future reference... huh?
They are Blue 2
Quote: Originally Posted by VWGTI2008 how did they find her after 24 years? Her daughter (also locked in the cellar) got sick and she convinced Josef Fritzl to take her to the hospital. He ended up confessing to where she and her mother were living.
love the jantzen one....I saw it on macys.com awhile ago, and I want it so bad!
both real
Quote: Originally Posted by talk_shows_on_mute looking great as usual lorna - i hate lilac, but you make em look good! (nice avatar too )
happy birthday cherie!
Quote: Originally Posted by notfrostyjosh my roommate pissed himself while sleeping in his girlfriends bed once. didnt wake her up when he realized it either. ive done some pretty whack stuff involving urine but i cant compete with that. hmmm one of my friends had her boyfriend piss himself while sleeping in her bed. she broke up with him for, apparently, a different reason two weeks later.
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