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Mine.   Krooley 880w Black Gold Excess ( dont know the wash ) Thavar 880g   Wishlist Shioner 74y black gold Peacock thanaz 880k
krooley 880w and black gold high tops. sorry the very nice picture
scroll up :)
krooley 880w and dbg hightops. sry for the bad picture
i have a few pairs of excess dbg and they are different, some are shorter and some longer. but they are definately not 30.
perfect thanks alot relentless.   oops got it now. thanks again :)
some of the ts have different lenghts so are mine too. i wouldnt buy size s it might be too small
hey guys,   im new here and big fan of diesel as the most of u are ;) and to my question, does anybody know this shop. is it trustable ?
hi guys,   im lookin for Thavar 8x2 W 32,33 L 34 Iakop 881z same size  ( found in 1 fu**ing store but not available in my size ) :/ Krooley 8nj same size Tepphar 881w same size   Thanks in advance :)
http://store.diesel.com/DIESEL%20BLACK%20GOLD/detail/tskay/CD2F710A/cod10/36293601GU/mm/11660/agerange/Adult/mm/11660 i would buy these, they are goddamn beautiful or the shioner 74y better pictures on ssense.com  
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