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just ordered them, lets see if they will deliver them!
    diesel safado - dont know the wash but plain blue. diesel black gold sneakers diesel black gold leather jacket - jutra-p diesel black gold longsleeve
they look different from the pics on ssense than on asos or diesel website, more dark. if they are looking like on ssens than ill buy em for sure
has anyone seen the iakop 815k? i really like the wash.  
def 8x2, 73j, 74k and 8nj  
cut is excess but wash i dont know
depends on the cut. thanaz L32 is a bit short but tepphar fits perfect. and im 193cm  
what kind of info do u need? maybe i can help u :) as i said fit is like tepphar but its soft and feels great :) if i were u i would buy them!
theres no name on the tag. but its pretty tight like tepphar but more comfortable. and it looks great :)
New Posts  All Forums: