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sorry, fake.
going by the first picture, they are fake..
nah... fakety fake.
those are joey in DDR..
Quote: Originally Posted by hampton1988 Joey TRUE RELIGION Jeans- Size 30x31 - eBay (item 140317707773 end time May-06-09 17:59:57 PDT) The coin pocket concerns me. What do you guys think? real women's joey..
looks fine.. men's trs generally run big. going 1 to 2 sizes down isn't uncommon.
i recognise who the seller is.. in any case, (i agree with lilcram)jeans pictured are real.
tr's look fine..
description says they have twisted seams, therefore, they got to be joey..
Quote: Originally Posted by sarah1980 Authenticity check please on these sammys...thanks! real..
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