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      Hi! My name is Chanelle and I am a blogger who is helping create great articles and pictures for DenimBlog. We are looking for other great writers and photographers to help us make this site more awesome. We want to hear from you! What are your favorite jeans? What collection are you most excited about this season? What are you wearing today? What is your favorite wash? We want to hear everything. Who knows, you might even get paid for it! Just by signing...
http://thepenelopetimes.com/2011/12/wardrobe/   :)
      I WANT TO KNOW!   Who are your favorite NYC based fashion bloggers? Sign up for the community (if you haven't already), leave your answer below, and tell your friends to join the fun!    xo, Chanelle
I LOVE the wash and ESPECIALLY LOVE the stitching and how vibrant it is. Good job Nudie
I know that Gucci amongst other designer handbags usually have hologram stickers that are impossible to recreate which indicates its real. They are usually located either on the seam on the inside of the bag on a tag, or inside the zipper inside the bag. Also, try googling characteristics of authentic LV bags to compare. 
The most comfortable jeans I own not to mention the great construction and washes they offer. Love em! 
I actually put together a little collage of my favorite things I got for xmas for my blog (if you were wondering why this picture was so fancy).   Clockwise: Marc Jacobs laptop case, Versace for H&M leggings, Just Cavalli blouse, Evil Twin sweater, Mink Pink sheer tank, pantent leather Dr. Martens, white low top Dr. Martens, a variety of books, and a pear soap bar from Anthropologie.
New Posts  All Forums: