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thanks guys - the boots are Geox boots I got in Paris last August.... one of the best but I think the stupid holes don't vent.
  I agree w/ you.. that's why I'm actually thinking of Belther 816B and maybe get a pair of Thavar 801D in Salmon color... love the dirtyness of 801D and pink?? hahaha only the brave!
I do like it.. but w/ the side rip like that too similar to my 68z.....
darn it... of course the Sonora on eBay is cheaper.. haha i was looking at the dark denim one.  I know the nudie one is better quality but I also not sure if i want the 'thicker' denim as a shirt.. you know what i mean?   grrrrrr.   Today wearing my Braddom 881z.  still no sun yet so unable to rock out the 888p yet.  
i really do want a pair of joggs.... but just really hurts to spend a few for sweat pants.. :(
Interesting - they appear to be different pair..  Notice the back pocket is different between ASOS and Diesel site?  ASOS one is nicer.
oh man Ramirez - you got both denim shirts I was considering. a Sonora or Nudie.... I know they are different but do you find the Sonora shirt the chest pocket is sorta small so looks weird??/ I haven't seen the actual shirt yet I'm just judging by internet photos.
Brave-Man - i would probably look at 68z first over 602s.  Yes its true 602s is new and everything but 68z is more unique and also gives you "similar" yellow/greenish hue and color ton.  plus 68z has wicked rips. - and its a heck lot cheaper.  a Montreal seller has few sizes and is letting them go at $150cad.
yah like 887K?? hmmm i guess i'll need 29's on these if I do decide to get it ....
did you have to size up on these??? man I was looking at this pair but cannot justify it since owning a Tepphar 8PK.. its 'similar'.
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