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  This pair looks pretty cool man!!! it feels like a darker version of the Thavar 801c?!????
didn't know 887K comes in thavar.. thought only Thanaz?
the photo looks like the jeans has been washed.. 740 is an wash 10+ yrs old.. Rabox 740 was famous and my good friend still rocking them today... from my memory they are a bit more yellow tint to them..  
hey Locky - they are Ted Baker boots.. here's the post I post when I first got them...   http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/194775/whats-your-latest-purchase-pics-required/275#post_1762291   Ted Baker Masou Chukka boots   super cool boots.... hope you can find them!
heheheehe. totally!  When's the big date Phukette?? ours is Aug 10th...
Phukette it's such a shame the thin Finns didn't fit ya... I own two pairs myself and they are honestly not bad on me... Like diesel It also depends on the wash as they do fit differently wash to wash... Just putting in my $0.02 about nudies..
This pair is interesting... Anyone know how Kakee fits??
Congrats on getting your dream watch!!!!!!! I wanted a watch for my wedding next year but I think will hold off now and allocate funds toward wedding itself and honeymoon..... And of course the rock took a big chunk ... I recently got more photography toy.. Hoping to get better photos and techniques next year. Happy New Years everyone!
Phukette - should eventually get the 887D off him too.. you got any moooch on some discount?? 
nice on the 810x!!! is it MII?
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