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hmmmmmmm. I tried this pair in store.  They are made in Tunisia.  it didn't look really good on me.  But I must admit its a really crazy cool wash if you can pull it off.  it has nice patches and also something looks similar to ink spots like the 72L back in the day.. pretty cool.
then pretty sure I'm wrong... which pair are you rocking Zodiac?   E-COM is like an online exclusive Thavar, looks like same as 801b wash.
  Hi Dieselicious - hmmmmm only Darron I ever owned was 64U, which got supre stretched out... probably not a good comparison.  I do want to get some new Darron's this season or maybe 809v blue eyecon from last.  I'll be able to make better comparison later.         Hello - no I wouldn't.. unless you want a more loose baggy fit. which I did.  I normally wear 28s but I got 29's on this partly also because its only size  i could find.   but they are not as loose as tepphar...
man I can't wait to wear jeans again.. in head office and been rocking business casual..   Love the 887v!!! and 75G which is super rare.  zodiac is that an E-com you're rocking?
Zodiac - how do you like Kakee?? you're one of the first who posted fit pix on that cut..  I was thinking to grab a pair in grey but couldn't find much about it.  are they slim like tepphar??
816K looks really good on the table.  But when I wore it something just doesn't look natural.  I quite like my 68z over 816K since they both share that similar rip on the thigh....
oh and Braddom 816H... its seriously a super new modified updated edited version of 801A.
Hi Audit30 - no this was the only one.  there were 2 other washes in Belther cuts but they were non MII.  just standard blue's, nothing too special.   I was able to try on Tepphar 602s and Thanaz 813z, Thavar 814M & 816K.  Also tried on older 810x and 811p (which I love, will try to get one).   But out of all I really like Belther 816B so bought them full retail.. don't let the fiance know yet!
Those 813s looks nice!!!!!
Thanks guys!!! If anyone look for pair of khaki color jeans then these are definitely it... MII as well!
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