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man they have Tepphar 880R as well for $145.. dammit.
your listings have been spotted and I been eyeing! you got a sick collection.
I was thinking about that too... I noticed you're also unloading some jeans off eBay!! will try to snatch up the jog!!  but i'm afraid it maybe too big for me since they're suppose to stretch like crazy!
sorry for the sequence mixed up, but exactly what Quettingen said..
thanks for the update.. keep going at it.. they are not quite there yet.. I want to see them completely destroyed like those Nudies you see at the nudie forums. Hehehehehehe..  ...  I also love the shoes.. Clark's Jinx?
I also think the buddha beads necklace don't go.  but excellent fit on the jeans..beautiful fit.
wow that's beautiful pair.. reminds me of 74k... fit pix pls!!!  I'm sorta looking at DBG jeans.. are they really that much better?
hmmmm I got mine regular size, 28x30 and they're pretty tight at the thighs.. 2nd wear today and they haven't quite stretched out too much yet.     I think you should size down 1 for $50.. otherwise you may not wear them and waste $x on buying them in first place.
I think the 2nd link w/ orange stitching is the turbo denim, 8Y9... first one maybe something else like 88z if I have to guess.
I know!! they are on sale but they don't have my size... I ordered thanaz 887k earlier today.. they're shipping tmr!
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