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damn we buy from that seller a lot... I may need some help guys... I want a pair, say budget $300.. i dont know which one or combo to do.... of course spending less money is better...  I can't decide between:   1) Kakee 883v ($180)  <- the wash seems neat.. sorta wanna try it out., no idea how Kakee would fit on me. 2) Thavar 801c ($130 mint used) <- or wait for the newer 2013 wash that sorta looks similar in electric blue? 3) Tepphar 68z ($270 new) 4) Braddom...
  ask this seller if he still has it... 27x30 Thavar 8x2, did not sell:   http://www.ebay.com/itm/MENS-DIESEL-THAVAR-JEANS-8X2-SIZE-27-X-30-/221170409834?pt=US_CSA_MC_Jeans&hash=item337ec8a16a&nma=true&si=%2BmPwFJdW800z1Pbx%2BIOxtAmm7Fw%3D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557   good luck.
but then that defeats purppose of dress up jeans..... no?
damn yah I can't remember what its called.. I wish its bit more slim tho.. but its very good quality diesel leather jacket you would come to expect...   i dont think my 8PN's fit that ugly, its just the ugly fit pix i found quickly. hahaha.. but maybe I'll bring it to tailors this spring/summer to take them in a bit knee down for more slim fit.. we'll see..   let me know once you get it, should be pretty nice!
for me, the knee down is looser than the 801A by a bit... so it definitely doesnt hug around your calves nicely.  also the material is softer and not stiff like 801a so the wrinkles are not as noticeable.   I actually think maybe its the pair I own... cuz Karacho's 8PN looks damn sexy.. here's example of what i mean.   Mine:     and here's Karacho's.  I'm sure yours will fit like his... cuz you're taller and buff. hahahaha..  
If you notice Aahz this photo, the back side of the 887K     pay attention to the york, this is where for me its super tight (along w/ the thighs) so then the entire jean give the feel of "low waist" jeans.. also the downward lines of the back pocket further increases that illusion.
yah.. I gotta say my tightest jeans is 887K, my Nudie Thin Finn black dry coated (cuz i sized down 2 for this pair)... then my tepphars... but tepphars are stretch so although they tight they remain very comfortable..  my 801a is actually quite comfortable but i think that's because some how that wash, it just wraps around and hugs you like a glove.. its magic.
  Hi - This is a tricky pair.  Honestly I think sizing up is the way to go.  I bought this pair in 29x32 and the thigh area is tiiiight.  waist is right matches my 28's.  i've worn it maybe 3-4 times only and so far it hasn't stretched yet...   I do notice this pair also has lower rise than most my other jeans.. so I find myself consistantly pulling them up.  I cannot figure out if the low rise was caused by my fat thighs preventing the jeans from being pulled up too high...
I got mine a year back at French site too, brand new but the pre stacking was gone.. so that sorta sucks, however still love the jeans...  but again i reiterate it does not remotely fit as nice as Shioner 801A... its not as stiff.
really cool... sorta wish i still have my rabox 740's...
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