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oh and for boarder securities reasons, I'll be opening the box and make sure you didn't send me some illegal stuff and its only jeans I'm bringing across
yah in Canada we don't carry 30L.....   well its gonna cost ya.. so basically you buy jeans, ship to my mail box in Point Roberts.. I'll go pick it up after I come back from Belize (April 8th).  and then I can use Canada Post and express it over to you.    Canada Post will be around $25? its stupid expensive.  too bad I'm changing jobs otherwise I could ship FedEx Ground with our corporate rate.    I will claim customs at the boarder but sometimes they don't...
Welcome back Toulouz - keep up the great work on quitting smoking!! and can't wait to see your next project work.   Today wearing Diesel Black Gold Excess 8ML.   still love this pair.     ignore the boxes behind, my last day at office.. switching new jobs after I return from a short Centeral America trip tomorrow!!!!  
what are you looking for? maybe they have it in Holt Renfre or Hudson Bay? I can check for you tonight as I'm heading downtown.  but I'm flying to Belize tomorrow for 10 days so if you want it I need to grab it and ship to you before I leave tmr afternoon.
Where in Canada are you?  I'm in Vancouver and I ship it to Point Roberts WA and bring it accross.
Nice!! congrats on the great buy!! I am waiting for the sun to bust mine out.
Hey BiaZed - that outfit looks good!!! love the watch color combo that matches your boots.  good one.
Yah - I tried on a pair in 28's and all my Tepphar is in 28's and brand new they are tight.... I sorta regret not buying the larger size tho since its only $130CAD...             I would much prefer the fit of Autodaf above, a bit looser... perhaps these will stretch out to fit like his photos above??
so James I've been shopping around your store, and decided I should stick to 28 Tepphar 68z, which you don't have at the moment.  However you have a Tepphar 887v but its faulty as tags & the italian stitch is missing.  The photos on the site is true representation of the jean?? to me it looks a bit too blue for the 887v.. or is it just the photo?  Also this pair still Made in...
Thanks Guys - the jacket was a size Large but somehow it fits.. I rolled up the sleeves cuz I really liked the green and red stitching underneath...   Today wearing Tepphar 880R.. still one of the best pairs.         I all of sudden had an urge to sell Thanaz 887K and try to find Shioner 805A.... any thoughts?? grrrrrrr.
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