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Phukette - should eventually get the 887D off him too.. you got any moooch on some discount?? 
nice on the 810x!!! is it MII?
nice... just hope they would come in other cuts too!!!
  I only have 1 pair of Thavar and its the 886b.  I have it in 28x30 and the thighs are freaking tight, waist loosen up after wear so now ass sags little.. I can fix issue if i wear it w/ a belt..  but the thighs remain tight..   I normally wear Tepphar 28's, its very comfortable at the thigh and super skinny knee down.. and doesn't have a huge weird 'carrot' shape when i wear them, it looks straight all the way down.   I have 2 pairs of Braddoms, 888p and 881z.  both...
Great Outfits everyone!!! I'm still on the fence on the 801c's...  been trying to save for 887D but .........     gotta say Realdeal that's a funny comment.. hahahaha.
yah I think Darron 8PN is available, but missing the signature darker squares the original Shioner has..
how do you compare these w/ 8PN's?? I have pair of Shioner 8PN and really love it, but same time its preventing me from buying other light blue washes like 74z.. but since these Darrons are great price now i'm itching..... what do you guys think??
Sideways - how did your 881z 30's fit?
These Darron 882F will stretch right?? should we size down on these?  thanks!
Lee I dont know about that... Phukette looks great in Braddom, Tepphar, Thavar, Shioner, even Krooley and Iakop....  hehehe.. Happy holidays everyone!!
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