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yah I had lots of Zathans.. but I sold them all.. I wish I could of kept more tho...   right now same w/ Freeradical, i have pair of 772's from 2003.....   I wish I had kept my 710 tho.. its beautiful back pocket.. and i had such a wicked pair what was i thinking.....
I would say its very similar but not as shinny as Nudies Black coated indiglo jeans.... and they are definitely not $400.  If its similar material, they will stretch and fit big as the Nudies coated indiglo jeans stretch 1-2 sizes after worn.
I gotta say I am digging those 68z!!!!!! how much are those now in Europe!?
Thanks guys!!! I think braddom 881z is quite similar to 888p actually in terms of fit.. A bit tighter.. Just a tiny bit.. Only thing I am not sure is if the 807D will fit because that pair the jean is super stiff. Aahz those 801A fits nice.. But the bum looks bit tight.. Like the butt is squished.. Similar to me wearing Farco.. Hehehe but its beautiful and nice job on the leather sizing down!!
Well Said Dieselolic - Outfit tonight.. Braddom 881z, DBG scarf and Shades of Greige jacket.    
Finally picked up the 881z from YOOX.. here it is.. haven't tried it on yet but I hope the thighs don't look so baggy.. it looks much baggier than my Braddom 888p... errrr.     just tried these on at office.. its really tight.. had a difficult time buttoning up.. but the legs and all fit fine just maybe the jean is very stiff so very hard to button it...  quite love this wash.. I know its old but man its still classix  
hahaha so bad name for all the Chinese eh??   today wearing my 881w too!!!!    
Leftvapor - hows the DB81C?? can you try to post more fit pix of this particular one?? is it super super dark blue and does it have 3D wrinkle effect or its just the fading that makes it look like it.??
Ronlol - those Darron 8PN is cool, but its not as cool as Shioner 8PN tho.. its missing the super cool square boxes fading that the 8PN is well known for.. but never the less its nice pair..   811P is pretty cool too!! dare i say its similar blue looking like the 801c??  other than Krooley and Viker I hope they come out w/ slimmer cuts for me.....
Quettingen - if you find some let me know!!! I am still debating if that big patch by the left thigh is nice or its destructive... but overall its beautiful eh?
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