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Quettingen - if you find some let me know!!! I am still debating if that big patch by the left thigh is nice or its destructive... but overall its beautiful eh?
Toulouz - man you're getting really good at doing these wrinkles.. I gotta say I love the wrinkle effects but I didn't like the bleach spots on this one.. but that's just me.. The wrinkle effects tho is right on the money.. awesome work.. I think you can easily start accepting orders from other members here to wrinkle their jeans!!!!!!   Ramirez - the Blue Blod leather jacket is damn nice man.....   Leftvapor - yah the 880R is awesome eh? i have it in the Tepphar...
Toulouz - DBG isn't too too bad... just keep checking them out on eBay or Yoox. i got mine w/ Quettingen and he hooked it up!!   PJBUK - that Ted Baker blazer is money! nice man.
damn!! that looks sick! let me know how the result shows up!!!!! 
Toulouz those are some nice leather jacket and 880G jeans!!   still at office, tried on the Viker 803W mod'd to Thanaz.. what do you guys think???   other than the butt pocket a bit wider apart i think it fits pretty good... need to wear them in a bit.. they're 32L but since they so slim it stacks pretty boss...  The photos are bit brighter than they really are.. its mid tone blue..  Thanks Baltimore for speedy shipment!     Quettingen - the cardigan is...
Karacho they look awesome man!!!! if you ever want to unload the Braddom again..? hahahaha   Thanks Dieselholic!! man its hard to take photos of myself.. I'll need to find a full body mirror i can shoot myself in... Thanks again for the compliments!
Also picked up these goggles today... time to shred!! gonna head up Whistler this Sunday...    
Hello - rocking the Tepphar 880R today.. really love this pair.. comfortable and stylish... matched w/ Campers boots.  
got the altered viker today from Baltimore!! Thanks for speedy shipment!!   I may need to try Toulouz's wrinkling reapplying effect to bring some of the 3D wrinkles back :)  
yah me too... but i went ahead w/ 881z first... cheapest 801c i found so far is $245 at Ssense......
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