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Yup!! got from the same seller.. he said lowest he could do was 175GBP cuz shipping to Canada is pricy.. dammit man... but then I been wanting them for sometime now so and I recently got more $ from my photography gig and sold some hockey tickets... so mind as well..   just make sure fiance don't find out I should be okay =)   my 888P is still pretty mint.. haven't worn it all fall/winter.. waiting for the sun to come back!
Clarsson - which pair are you referring to??? 804K, 887K or 68z???   Supraboy - off this seller:   http://www.ebay.com/itm/360457382296?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649   i am not sure if he has multiple pairs of 28x30 but the listing seems to be active still...  i hope the pair i got is exactly like pictured it would be so awesome.
Super Excited - I picked up Tepphar 804K for 132EUR and finally Braddom 887D for 175GBP through that eBay seller we all buy from...  I hope to get these 2 pairs soon!!!!!
god dammit......................   but I'm happy to say I bought Tepphar 804K (28x32) and finally, Braddom 887D (28x30)... can't wait to get them in!!   so maybe it is a good thing for the wallet that 68z was sold.. they weren't ridiculously cheap too at $230+
where's the 68z??? i don't see 886b and 68z on YOOX USA!!!! link anyone??   oh found it!! but damn size 30+...
so does this mean the jeans are very stiff and does it smell???  and i would guess its no longer breathable right?? so you may sweat inside the jeans??
I would do Shioner 8PN, Shioner 74Z, Tepphar 8PK and the Thanaz 8880I or L can't remember, its super light blue w/ pin stripes underneath.
holy wow... i think i saw this auction on eBay before but couldn't abandon my loved Nudie dry black coated Thin Finn..... so how did you manage to re wax the jeans!??!?????? what did you do?
fits pretty true to size when I tried them on at stores before..
I think its quite close except more white version of Tepphar 8PK.... I got the 8PK's so i cannot justify myself w/ 8880L.... its beautiful tho.
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