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awesome!! i couldn't bite the bullet when I saw them at $212 retail but when I wanted to grab them they're already sold... its a beautiful pair!
Although I've done this transition earlier, I did miss my Zathan 710 or Farco 710 and Rabox 770 originals during first release.. I'd hope I had kept those pairs to collect.  Now my only zathan left is 772 like most people here.  I do not miss all other pairs I've sold...   take the money you'll get and buy new Thavar's.. its a good choice!
so where can I get the small? can you pls send the link!!! man that's expensive jacket but looks damn nice.
been looking around for a suit/tux for my wedding coming August.. the 2 tone style is really coming in this year eh??  that slim black suit w/ thin gray collar is really nice too.
damn that jean jacket is probably one of the best Juzicon washes out there.....   inspired by Karacho, pulled out and wearing the Tepphar 881W today.  
yah they used to be cheaper tho... w/ heavy discounts but I guess that's only an introductory offer! but yah they're great!!
    oh!! i thought this one is also Tepphar 602S.. but of course I could be wrong!!  I just notice the same electric blue stitching matching the Safado 602S
Denimneverdies - i think the Shioner is a much better fit on ya compare to the Zatiny!
there's a Tepphar 602s right?? I like that one!
hahahaha like seriously, that outfit sorta looks like those really cool vampires hanging out at those mansions sipping blood wines..
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