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yah.. he has 27 and 29.. but it just so i found another seller in Montreal that carries the 29 cheaper so I pulled the trigger there.. I bought 887D and some other pairs from James and he's amazing.  I want to get these new Superbia's that he just got but I got huge bills down the pipe so I must save....
Hello - welcome fellow Canadian! are you pissed about the Leafs? =)
  Thanks Toulouz - yup!!!!! no plans to move to another city at this time! =)
haha thanks Lee & drumedge!! yup no belt you got me liking it!!!!  
Today first wear on Tepphar 68z.  Had to get the 29 because there's no 28's.  They fit similar to my 804ks in 28 so far.  I don't think I matched it right but I just wanted to show you guys today.  Probably looks better w/ t shirt or some sort.    Also got the 887v in 29s and they fit awesome.. very good variation of it in my opinion.  will get some photos up next week once I get it back from tailors.     Probably no more jeans for a while.. just got an...
Thanks!!!! the hunt begins!! they are so nice on you.
Daan what's that Jogg jean you posted before again?? i love it and would love to hunt one pair down...  thanks!!
Shlomi - you may want to get a 27 since I have 28 like my usual and it runs quite large....
Real funny cuz I was thinking to grab some Darron's too!!!!  I really love the details of Darron cut.  I will wait to see what's new in FW'13 to get new Darron's.
Hahahaha thanks guys I wore my 887k yesterday... Gonna keep it!!! Toulouz man you are crazy stylish while playing with fire keep the photos coming!!! Lee hope the date went well!!! Looks great! Phukette those 801A are nice eh?! I think I will wear mine today!!!
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