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so does this mean the jeans are very stiff and does it smell???  and i would guess its no longer breathable right?? so you may sweat inside the jeans??
I would do Shioner 8PN, Shioner 74Z, Tepphar 8PK and the Thanaz 8880I or L can't remember, its super light blue w/ pin stripes underneath.
holy wow... i think i saw this auction on eBay before but couldn't abandon my loved Nudie dry black coated Thin Finn..... so how did you manage to re wax the jeans!??!?????? what did you do?
fits pretty true to size when I tried them on at stores before..
I think its quite close except more white version of Tepphar 8PK.... I got the 8PK's so i cannot justify myself w/ 8880L.... its beautiful tho.
NICEEEEEE; i dont wear my 887k often enough.. so how is it how is it?? does your ass sag or give the illusion of it sag cuz of back pockets?
just saw your size above, the eBay link has 33x32.. but no L34..   also quick Moda has 32x32 on tepphar 804K...
I think I may still like the 887D more?? 811c is more beige/cream color where 887D is more brown tweet feel no??   also who thinks 811p is similar electric blue as 801c?? anyone seen it in person?
What size are you??    here's cheapest i found on the 68z so far: http://www.ebay.com/itm/271102603210?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649   also for Tepphar 804K I just bought one on Quick Moda, an Italian site for 110EUR + 22EUR ship to me in Canada..  i think now they only have limited size.  Good luck.
I bought from this French site before, my Shioner 8PN.. now they have Shioner 74Y for 99EURO.. check it out in case you're eyeing this pair.   http://en.dressroom.fr/men-jeans/2014-diesel-shioner-74y-jeans-for-men.html
New Posts  All Forums: