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oh and Braddom 816H... its seriously a super new modified updated edited version of 801A.
Hi Audit30 - no this was the only one.  there were 2 other washes in Belther cuts but they were non MII.  just standard blue's, nothing too special.   I was able to try on Tepphar 602s and Thanaz 813z, Thavar 814M & 816K.  Also tried on older 810x and 811p (which I love, will try to get one).   But out of all I really like Belther 816B so bought them full retail.. don't let the fiance know yet!
Those 813s looks nice!!!!!
Thanks guys!!! If anyone look for pair of khaki color jeans then these are definitely it... MII as well!
There's also Hong Kong version too, so maybe have some luck finding them in Asia sites too... but good luck!
Hi Guys - so flew into San Fran today and first stop is obviously flagship Diesel store in Union square.  They had most of the stuff available today, the usuals new thavar's thanaz and tepphar 602s etc etc.  But i was on the mission, specifically for Belther 816B.  and They just got them in last Friday.  so here it is.   When I first saw them i was like they are beautiful.  The caramel color along w /the dirt marks like the Thavar 801D washes, plus 3D wrinkles and...
Finally get to see this wash in person in stores... Its exactly what the forums indicate.  Its pretty cool but I just wished its a bit thicker material.. but that's just me.
god damn man.. was at Seattle Diesel store earlier today, tried on 28x30 Thavar 811p... love it... but its not on sale at the stores.. i guess the hunt for this pair will begin after i try on the new Belther 816B.
Love the shoes man!!!! And zodiac those chinos are pretty cool. Reminds me of the other pair that looks like 887D
Very nice Phukette..... Had my engagement shoot today... Drove down to Seattle. So my final selection of jeans that made the shoot was Thanaz 887k and Braddom 887D.. Brought Tepphar 68z as well but didn't match the environment.. Will post when I can!!!!
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