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I love how you get on and stand on the sink.. awesome!! hahahaha.
Vikd - they will soften a bit.. don't size up.. they look great!!!! we're wearing same pair today!!!
I've been wrinkling my jeans now and I drench it w/ starch water.. it works well... 8PK, 803w, 887D, 886B are all a success.. this weekend I'll do the 8PN.   To prevent washing, I guess buy 20+ pairs of different washes/cuts and rotate them, so you dont wear same pair too often =) .. and some other forums members here actually just buy the same jean again to switch after!!!
hahaha thanks... I tried driving to the states to pick up my 68z but the boarder line up was crazy so i turned back.... dammit....  haha thanks Lee!! i will sometimes wear belt and sometimes not.. depending on how loose the jeans are i guess...   those Thavar 811P are nice man!!! crap i feel like I missed out on the 30% deal...  I think my next pair will be Krooley 880w...   Oh these are Geox Boots.. I got them at Paris.. made in Italy.. most Geox in USA/CAN are...
hello - sporting the no belt look again cuz Lee likes it :)   Today wearing Braddom 881z and Scotch & Soda leather jacket.         thanks,
Thanks Guys!! haha Lee I would love to wear it w/ no belt but this pair is a bit loose.. so not a lot of choices.. however if I wear it w/ t shirt i'll rock it beltless!!!  pls post more 880i =)
quiet in here today!!!  I recently bought Tepphar 68z and 887v.. i hope they both turn out well.. all in size 29 so hopefully its not too big.....   today wearing my Tepphar 881w... still debating if this is "similar" to 880w.. Karacho had sent difference but I feel the pair i have is more blue .. hahaha. decisions decisions..  
Hehehe I'm just pulling your leg!!! the 880i looks great on you!!!!
Lee I feel missing out man.. do my Tepphar 880R don't match your standards???
Awesome comparison Lee!!!   Thanks Levislad - well said.. thanks man.. I'm just in the fence about grabbing a 887v right now at an online Diesel outlet store located in Montreal Canada.. they are selling it for $180ish...
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