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Hopefully the sequins will look cool!!!!!! can't wait to see some fit pix man!
yah those joggs are looking really nice!!! I'm thinking to go try on a pair now......   and hahahaha epic pose Aahz..
is it safe to say 811P is electric blue looking like 801c?
i just feel like the cost for Diesel to make a pair of jeans in tunisia is cheaper than in Italy, but yet they still charge you up the a$$, thus I don't see the value.  Of course I have no prove on this.. but since I work in operations and manufacturing as my day job, its quite logical move for Diesel as a company.  Its like would you bay $1k for Moncler jacket when its moved to made in China?
I think 808z is one of those that's nice to have but not a must necessary jean to get.. its like if you have extra disposable income and can buy it.. then do it..  the squares so subtle i don't think anyone would really see it unless they take a closer second look..
I used to really like Darron but now i find it big too messy feel.. but same time its the reason why it has such beautiful details i guess....   too bad 811K is not MII...?
I just not sure if it'll stretch out...   Phukette and Karacho?? i think you guys both own a pair.. do they stretch out after few wears???  the one i tried one is 28x32.
nice outfits guys.... went to local department store last night and all FW12 jeans are 50% off!!! i went through them and they actually had a lot of selections..  I tried on Darron 803w again, Krooley 801N and Shioner 805A ($180)..   all their Jogg jeans are also 50% off too....  I'm thinking about Krooley 801N.. this would deviate from my 887D, 68z and Kakee 883v or Thavar 801c wish list.. What do you guys think?  i think its like $215CAD so not super cheap but...
thanks guys!! that's great recommendation.    but the thing is I don't know what I want.. I love the 887D wash, but unsure about the fit... I am interested in the chino look of the Kakee, and 801c is just cuz its $130.. hahahaha.. and i guess i do not have any electric blue mid tone blue... 68z is just super cool....   I guess when I'm ready I will ask eBay seller for a discount or something...  life's tough choices...
Tell me about it.. the 887D is from the same seller and its basically full retail price.. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.. I'm waist 28.. prefer 28x30 but found the 28x32 used.. seller said mint never washed so pre stack still exist... but still lost in the options discussed above!
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