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Tepphar 807D is pretty nice.. its subtle... at the store i saw the sales guy wearing it w/ suspenders and a simple shirt.. the hems were rolled up and wearing some simple funky thin boots.. its really cool outfit.
The 68z runs a little large but not too much larger like 804k... For instance my 804k 28 is looser than my 68z in 29s.. But same time it's larger than rest of my other tepphar 28s...Basically I think this wash isn't meant to be worn tight. So I recommend you get the 28s and expect them to fit little bit baggier.. And do get it because its probably one of the best greenish tone jeans.. Think 801B but revamped with crack.
Straychev- my jeans are mostly 28.. But that 887v tepphar is 29 since they are really tight at 28. Man 816k looks good on you... I didn't like the fading too much on myself.. Plus I have 68z so that distressing is "similar".. Although jeans different tone but yah.. Phukette you ended up grabbing pair of 884S? They are nice man!
Aahz is back!!!!!!! missing seeing these epic studio set up photos!
  hmmmmm - maybe I'm odd one?? I got the Thor in 40 and it fits me good at 40.. I try to buy my shoes all in 40 and they all seem to fit me fine.. I didn't size up or down...  I was even wearing thicker sport socks and it was snug.. if I change to dress socks it should fit perfect.. but maybe it'll stretch out little bit.   I got mine here, there's still more...
Yah these are 28s.. I tried 27 and I couldn't button up the belly and 29 was more loose comfortable fit like the preview diesel fit pix.. I really recommend give it a try when you are at the stores!! I gotta say the thighs fit similar to my shioner 801A, and knee down is a bit slimmer than thavar but not skinny tight like some tepphar washes. And the back pocket is lower like krooley..
  here's a better photo to show the dirty markings....   Thanks Drumedge, the sag is really cool, its not as saggy as Krooley but it definitely reminds me of pair of super tight nicely worn in nudie Thin Finns.. the back pocket position is definitely lower than thanaz, thavar, tepphar, shioner.
yes!! When you see them on racks it looks like Krooley but damn try them on.. the 816B is amazing...   its like almost Tepphar but way cooler details and knee down is not as skinny as tepphars.. waist is similar..   I only have 1 pair of Krooley and I sized down 27x30 and it still fits bit looser than this Belther.
  I really like these...  again they are much darker than pictured.. also the dirty marks don't show as well, but in person you see distinct dirty fadings like Thavar 801D....
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