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dammit phukette why do you gotta tell me that.... hahahahaa.. I really like how tepphar fits on me.. but I have 4 pairs of Tepphars already... and looking for a 8Y0 in the future. but this 804K looks good too!
phukette waiting for your 660Q fit pix!!!!
Aahz - love those DBG jeans!!!!!! I have a pair of Excess coming my way too I just hope they will look as good as yours!
Karacho compare to the 8PKs are they about the same?? I have the Tepphar 8PK in 28s and the calfs are tight but not leggings yet.. today wearing 8PK's. Thanks,
I wanted this wash for my bday buying spree but just didn't get chance to it.. The wash remains pricy but I think this was is unbelievable... I will eventually get it in 1-2 months..
Aahz you make me soo excited to get my 887k next week!!!! Love the fit pix
I just bought a pair of Excess too... But your wash is wayyyyy cooler... Nice pair man!!!
Payment Sent!! Thanks a bunch!
Dieselicious thanks for the fit pix!! but man that mirror needs a good wipe.    I took the advise from here and I didnt' size up on the Shioner 801A.  its tight around the thighs and I can barely button up.  but i hope they will stretch out little bit.   I'm also waiting for the 28x30 to come from Diesel.com  Does revolve have 28x30? otherwise I'd paid too much! grrrr.
Happy Friday the 13th - my Bday is tmr and I accumulated 3 pairs of jeans and working on 4th one now... damn...  I got myself Thavar 886b, Thanaz 887K, Shioner 801A (from GF), and working on a pair of DBG Excess...   Today I'm wearing Shioner 8PN.. still love this wash.  
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