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its a very nice wash, but because Diesel is launching those special editions in same wash in Thavar, I'd try to get that cut instead.. or be like Phukette grab the iakop??
neah dont think they look like dress shoes because of the color and the used aged look. I can't imagine fitting these w/ a pair of dress pants.. would look weird.
I think they look amazing!!!!!! they look slim and smart.  I'd keep them.  I can see these w/ tepphars w/ hem folded up w/ these.. sexy!
yah man, you got a great 8x2 here!!!
Just caught up...   Man Karacho - you honestly make me really want to drop $350 on the 887D from eBay seller in UK... damn, amazing outfit!!!!   Phukette - the stacking of the 801c is boss!!! but since I've went 881z instead so now I gotta wait..   I think unless Diesel comes out with some gangster wash for SS 13, my buying sequence will be 887D, 68z, then 801c....
shit the other guy bought my size so now I'm SOL!!!!!!!! 
they looked real tho....  He has 3 negative feedback in the past a while ago claiming fake jeans..  But this guy offers refund too.... I guess we'll see from another member to see if they are real once he received it.  Since he bought 28x32! ahahahaha.
do you have photos of the full frontal or back?? shiet its hard to tell.. if indeed real then may have got a sweet deal on pair of nice 74Y's.
hahaha Baltimore - if you ever going to unload them you know where to go~~
what Karacho!?!??!? do they still have any more sizes!????? how come USA YOOX don't have it! i been trying to find this pair!
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