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Beautiful!! Nice job on the photo stitch.  You using autopana pro?
hello!! got some jeans off eBay before too (braddom 887D latest) !! now i'm looking for Tepphar 68z.  I think you have W27 and W29.. I'm normally a W28... what do I do?? size up or size down!?? :(
I think another member was selling it.  Be sure to size down on these, they do stretch out a lot similar to my Tepphar 884M.
I'm gonna be doing this to my shioner 8PN this year.. thanks for this!!  For the starch solution is there amount of Starch vs Water mix ratio to use??
Looking good guys.. I need to install a full size mirror in my cube so I can take full body of myself..  today wearing Tepphar 804K.  
In Canada our collection sucks, and only in 32L... but I'm always willing to help.  I always offer some sort of proxy help while traveling to Asia cuz they most often have 30L's in stock.   Having said this I wonder how does it work.  Does the buyer pay seller first BEFORE seller ordering it via online or buy it at store?
Looking good Marcscalper, and Welcome.   I'm taking a hold on my own jean purchases, but revamping the Ms.  picked up pair of J Brand 811 skinny ankle jeans for her. getting ready for spring/summer.       photo from Denimology.  I know these are probably from S/S 2011 but I still dig them.
Toulouz - I am loving that Evisu shirt!!!!!   also I want to 3D wrinkle my Shioner 8PN this summer.... will need to get some pointers from all you guys!!
oh cool!! this is the new Narrot w/ flower patterns... I've been wanting to give Narrot a try for this summer season but still bit scared how it'll fit on me..
Really? that's good to know!!! super tempting.. how do you like yours Raj?
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