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Hahahaha thanks guys I wore my 887k yesterday... Gonna keep it!!! Toulouz man you are crazy stylish while playing with fire keep the photos coming!!! Lee hope the date went well!!! Looks great! Phukette those 801A are nice eh?! I think I will wear mine today!!!
Thanks guys... i was only thinking to sell to get Shioner 805A as replacement, since the 887K doesn't quite fit my bum well for 'formal' jean.. .but I think I'll keep it for my casual dark pair and screw 805A for now....   I guess my search for formal pair begins!!!  
NICEEEEE! thanks for the photos.. but for 90EURO you can't go wrong...  now I just gotta wait till my 880w comes!! can't wait . seller confirmed the photos are actual pair i bought.....
ok decided.. going to keep my 887k!!!   those krooley's looks damn fine Karacho!
OH i saw that at Yoox!!!! did you pick it up there???  do you mind grabing quick shot of 888r, 881w and 880w that I just bought?? hahaha I wanna copy you!!!! kidding.
Just finalized and bought Krooley 880w 27x30.  I hope sizing down is not a bad idea on this one.. tried 28x32 at stores and they were right but after stretched will become loose....  got it from Mike legit Poland eBay seller.  these are his photos:  
From the photo above I think you look great.. just gotta wear them everyday and mess them up like a good pair of Nudies... you should be able to enjoy them more...   the Seven's relax fit is too 20th century for me.. =)
Looks good mate!!  saw the fit pix at other thread...   My 68z fits alright.. similar to my Tepphar 804K in 28x32.  I just dropped it off to get it hemmed shorter since its bit too long.  I am keeping the jeans so hemming it is okay.. I don't plan to sell it...   Now waiting for my 887v and soon Krooley 880w.. hopefully I can finalize the sale of the Krooley soon!
Yah.. Karacho said the same thing to me.. I was debating between Shioner 880w or Krooley 880w... I think I'm gonna go w/ Krooley.. found a 27x30 which i hope is not too small since normally Krooley's is a bit more loose.... fingers crossed!!
Thanks Drumedge!!!   they are most similar to Thavar/Shioner cut I think...thick denim. if you come accross one grab it!
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