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have you stretched them?? I'm thinking on a pair of 880w.. either shioner or Krooley.. can't make up my mind!
Nice Audit30 great collection man... put my blog name to shame..
I would love to get Narrot 74M but no size!
those Japan Blue's are damn nice...  Today finally busted out the 888P from hybernation..   Braddom 888P.     gotta say its one good looking pair.
god dammit i really want a pair of Jogg jeans .... cannot decide to go w/ standard dark blue Krooley 800D older pair or get a pair from Baltimore Krooley 800A.. god dammit!
Nice outfit Daan, which Leica does your gf use?   also which pair of jeans were you wearing?? having hard time identifying it.. was guessing washed out 880w but the cut don't look like any of the 880w cut.. enlighten me pls! 
Wow!! what a cool lamp.. Karacho I believe they made road bike one year.... I bet you have it right?? right??  =)
really?? man i'm thinking to get a pair just cuz I dont have one yet.. and the idea of comfeee bum around getting coffeee early morning jeans is cool... so no???  they are quite expensive really.
Hi Soulsavers - are you there?? I got your jeans.. need you to respond to my PM's...  thanks.
Naked and Famous is a cheaper alternative if you like to get into Japanese selvage denim... the Skinny guy fits alright.. but nothing quite special when you try them on.  However like all raw denim's w/ wear they are suppose to fit more like a glove.   I've been trying to destroy my Nudie thin finn raw organic jeans, still fading very slowly.  Be sure to size down, although they will be very uncomfortable in the beginning, they will loosen up nicely.  I want a pair...
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