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Ahhhhh 75L or 809v!??
Yah those Chino's are niiiiiice!!!! 602s looks better in photo than on me I have to say.. Bought thavar 8x2 on eBay today.. Hopefully they are as iconic as people say!!!!
None taken - its true I'm not blessed w/ tall heights..... damn bad genes... after all that explains I will never succeed in modeling business =)
Dieselolic - how do you make every pair of jeans that I also own look so much cooler compare to me.. damn you! =)   quick question I think you're only person I know that owns 807F wash.  How do you like them?  I found Shioner 807F in 29x30 but I am not sure if its wise to size up as I normally take 28s... (except 801A which i got 29x30).  are they loose? stretchy? pls help.
Here you go - thavar 8x2, 28x32.  From excellent seller in Poland, Mike.  lot of forum members bought from him before including me.   http://www.ebay.com/itm/BNWT-DIESEL-THAVAR-8X2-W28-L32-DNA-DIRTY-NEW-AGE-thanaz-320-888p-/321143453963?pt=US_CSA_MC_Jeans&hash=item4ac5a4390b   good luck.   a quick search in forum you will get mix answers.. few have sized up in 8x2 but many stayed their size.. its tough call.
Great buy!!!!  I highly doubt I'll find a 75G in 28x30 or 29x30... I guess I will just eventually need to get Shioner 74Y.... but its not limited tho.. not as cool. hehehe.
Yah I really wanted Salmon one.. there's 28 and 29 available on eBay right now w/ eBayer bboop13; i can't remember if he's an active member here still.. I think you can totally pull them off much better than I could....... do a quick search on ebay.com and you'll see it... 
xmbeckham - that's the nicest 803s photos I've seen.. got any from outside in the light??  I saw one got sold on eBay for about $80.. should of picked it up.  I think Diesel online store they are now $130 brand new or something.. that's really good for pair of MII jeans..   the 801D is going through my acupuncture stacking treatment right now.     lol.
Damn DA, no didn't size down... The waist is already a bit loose but thighs is just right.. Common Thavar issue I have... But I plan to wear these summer in the sun with flip flops or boat shoes or whatever.. Hopefully it will go!! Thanks Drumedge!!
The sweater does look really comfeee..   today picked up Thavar 801D in beige.  Figured I probably can't pull off the salmon pink, so give beige a try.    
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