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Damn right, started today, going for 5 days.. just log in..  this works for USA site not sure about other regions.
Hmmmmmmmmm  w/ Diesel now having their 30% off sale, Krooley or Thavar 811p is a bit more affordable to me....   Phukette - did you size down on these Krooley 811P??  I tried few 28's in Krooley they fit nice but they may stretch like 801N.. would you recommend getting my normal size 28x30 or size down to 27x30???  thanks in Advance!!
haha thanks.. but i should mention none of these photos are mine.. all grab from internet... First pair I think is also Ruky, but same 8i2 wash... I'm just comparing between the two as i see lots of similarities...... and subtle differences... but 1/3 the price!
Hi Guys - I need some help.. I want a Pair of Krooley's so was thinking like 880w classix or get the newer 811P. upon more looking around I came accross Krooley 8i2..  to me, the photos between 811p vs 8i2 is 'similar'.. anyone had a 8i2 and can comment?? here's some photo comparasions.   Krooley 811P:   now, Krooley 8i2         I can see subtle differences but its 'similar'... what do you guys think? or is it just me being cheap...?
  I hope you sized down on these turbo denim.. they'll stretch and go ahead have some fun trash them... I've been working on my Nudie thin finn's and its taking forever.  I'm thinking to give up and get another pair of thicker, salvege thin finn in smaller size to start the process.....   Thanaz fits great, but somehow my 887K dont fit me too. its quite similar to my Thavar.. tight on the thigh, sags at bum... grrrrrrr maybe i just need to grow more meat.
I would totally love to buy this...... I'm gonna try to sell my 887K first in same 29x30 (actual length 29x31).. then I can have the funds..   is this still available?
Drumedge - I have tepphar 884M and yah they are supre comfreee... just like jogg jeans pretty much.. but somehow jogg jeans just sounds sexier.   Yah Thavar fits weird on me, the thighs are tight, ass gets loose after few wears.. its okay but I like my carrot fits on me.. tepphar, braddom, Nudies Grim Tim & Thin Finn.. etc etc.
the ted baker shoes and suit is gangster.... I'm still hunting shoes for my wedding creeping up in August..... and those trap boots are epic...
epic.... thanks for this.. I'm looking to redo my 8PN, 888P, 803W, 886B and many more....  is there a formula for starch/water ratio??
yah man, i dont have krooley wash yet and would like to get one... I find thavar's dont fit me as well as braddom, tepphar or shioner.. krooley is more casual chill i dont get a fxxxk feel look. just can't decide between old school 8i2 at 1/3 the price or 811p new and blue eyecon....
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