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dieseholic that jacket is beautiful... how much did it set you back?
Karacho I need more hints on how to wear my new 887D! haven't rocked them out yet!!! i feel like I have no shoes to match them or shirts etc etc!
oh these are Japan Blue jeans!!  I've always to know how they fit.. cultizm photos always look little more baggy.  Do you think the back pocket are too big sorta or just right?   man these are cool!  I'm still fading out my Nudie thin finn but they are not heavy denim so I'm thinking to grab another pair of selvage thicker one.... this would be a great alternative!
Aahz they look amazing man... do you know the specs of the material?  are they selvage denim (or japanese selvage?) and how heavy are they??
man... I just got the 887D in 28x30.. i hope they didn't have the 30L in stock!?? grrrrrr   74K is okay price.. they are going for around $250-$300 on eBay....   The company i work for, 40% of their asset just got bought out by Netgear.. so soon I'll become netgear employee.. uncertain times I better buckle down and can't get jeans freely incase.......
Narrots 74M is damn sexy okay. its like nicer than 68z but I honestly never seen or tried Narrot in person so not even sure how to pull it off...too bad dont think 74M comes in any other cuts..
  Raj this happened to me before, on a shirt I got while travelling in States... You may need to go to one of the larger nicer department stores where you normally shop (or any retail you shop in) bring the receipt, chat up the girls and see if they are willling to take them off for you.  Since you have receipt and you'r charming perhaps they will help you out if their magnetic clip fits..  Good luck!!!!
Hi Daan - its scary how word of mouth works eh?   I'm really thankful Karacho helped measure out his jeans which helped me buy my regular size in 28.  the Fit is pretty much the same as my 881z and 888p Braddom's both in 28.  of course the material and stiffness is different so the jean itself fit little different, however measurement wise they are nearly identical.   One weird thing tho, my 881z is 28x32 but I didn't have to hem them.  the pre stack was very...
Leftvapor those are some nice brown shoes you got w/ the light Shioner..... nice man...   Phukette you nailed it... its like a child waiting for their christmas present.. sometimes jeans are so beautiful and has amazing craftsmanship its like an Art!
Dieselicious would love to see it when it comes in and compare it w/ the Nudie used selvage jeans I just got too.... of course I think you'll fit better in them but would love to see the quality of the 'used' look. 
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