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yah I saw the 75G while in HK last yr, they were pretty nice but i just couldn't spend $400 on it after exchange rates....    today wearing Tepphar 880R     my Tepphar 804K came from QuickModa...! will post at the new buy thread!
Karacho I was looking at those DBG excess... but since YOOX sold out haven't seen one that's reasonable price.   Lorna - excited you'll start posting some female Diesel jeans w/ names and codes..this will help give me an idea what to get jeans for the lady in the future!   I also came accross some of your old Nudie posts.. I'm bidding on a pair of Nudie Lab 30 Finn and pair of Post recycle drys which is also limited edition.. hopefully they will work out!
I would definitely try this w/ my Shioner 8PN where some stacking would be nice ...  so do you just mix starch powder w/ water and spray it?  how much starch vs water ratio should we mix??   on a side note after looking at the links I miss jeanetic's fit posts... Phukette you know how he's doing lately?
I wouldn't dare to say I'm tired of looking at the usual suspects in here but would be great to see some female styles!  maybe then it will convince more people to chime in? 
  well said... most girls cannot tell any difference.. its just how well you put them together... most guys are just out of this world clueless.. so blue jeans is blue jeans to them... and i have yet met any other person in this city that loves diesel jeans as much as we do on this forum...
hello!  I was looking for Krooley 8x1.. do you think they will have like 27 or 28?? preferrably 30L but i guess 32L will still suffice??  Thanks!
my GF or Fiance now has already given up .. jeans all look the same to her.  she knows I love collecting them and browsing on this forum daily but she just leave me be..  so I'd say forget what your gf says.  If your heart says sell them then sell it..  However there's few instances I regret selling my jeans instead of keeping them for collection.  ie; Zathan 710, or Rabox 740 to name a few.   I'm like leftvapor, I love looking at them and adore the craftsmanship of...
hahahahaaha.. you know I'm just poking at you.. hahaha.
Locky 810x you got is nice wash man.. i'd keep it.. I agree its nothing too crazy like 74k, 887d or 888p or whatever, but 801x is one of the better ones that's out this season.. I'd easily pick that pair of the black 809N sequin one that's even more expensive
Phukette - gonna play the game and say, "its also MII so its more expensive compare to hand made Tunisia ones!" hehehehe my $0.02.
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